Sunday, 21 September 2014

FOR HER by Kuti Olumide

We sat outside a house that day when she asked
How many times are you going to save my life?
 As much as you put your life at risk. I replied,
A phrase made from the dept of my emotion but yet seemed so shallow to her
She smiled that day and literally didn’t know she just blew me away
My phone buzzed the next moment and she announced with all affection
“I’m in love and his name is…”
**smiling**I would have given anything to hear her say my name that day
Honey, lovie, sweet, boyfriend, dear.  The pet name goes on and on building confidence in the secret places yet, my stammering tongue could only curve to an ostentatious smile
My silence screamed so loud but maybe not loud enough cos all she laughed at was the clown who stood on the other end of the line. The caravan of that dream made a halt.
In the hope that she may not read this and despise me, I decided to with hold so many telling details. Like the colour of her eyes, her name, the place we met, what she loves doing although I stare at her picture as these words breeze through my fingers. I couldn’t see you when you were here, not that you are for some other, I see you everywhere.
One may read this and think its fiction, but being in love behind a curtain is an act of fiction. It was once said by a famous man," that passion unattended to is a blame that burns to its own destruction". I am not this man, but I have attended to this passion. Anyone that is with someone, who feels the same way they feel can attest; that’s the luckiest place you can find yourself. I am no fan of luck but I believe something, if you are that favoured to be loved in return, hold on to it, true love doesn’t always come knocking back, so when it does, open the door.
Someday she will read this and smile to all I have written, because the truth is.
I am nothing to her but he is everything she wants.