Sunday, 21 September 2014


Some years back, i never joked with my skin(even till date), but then, i took it so serious then that i actually had everything(facial cream, scrubs, face wash, face mask, night cream*.name it), but now, everything just dry, no TIME. There's no cream you'd mention then,  that i won't know(except i haven't used that cream).
I was so good in arranging those stuffs on my make-up table, more or less like some show off things whenever anyone enters my room(that was then), you know how those well packaged cosmetics looks attractive one when its well arranged(i'm not feeling too fly).
An aunt of mine came for a visit and then she entered my room, as usual, she decided to check out her niece' cosmetic and viola!, she saw something, the next i could hear was a loud version of her voice calling my name. Before i entered my room, i first did some conscience check-up to know how i can answer some questions which I don't even have an idea about. I hadn't even entered the room before she started the talk, "where did you get this cream, how much did you buy it? which soap do you use?"
I was confused at that point, as in what's this question all about, i haven't even replied her and the next thing is"if you see any cream or facial product with HYDROQUINONE in it, i beg you with the name of GOD, don't buy it. She realized i didn't only use the cream, but soap and gel cream.
On asking her "why", she started the talk, since then, i took note of every facial product i buy. Fast forward til this moment, i realize some ladies are so carefree about the products they buy. They don't even know what "hydroquinone" is, let alone believe skin cancer is real.
I won't mention the name of those  products(cos i know of 3 to 4 facial products like that before i cause bad market for them and they start sending threat messages) .Check out those creams, gels, soap, every every, as usual, i made some research on Hydroquinone, read below:

Hydroquinone is commonly found in products marketed to lighten the skin and is one of the most toxic ingredients still used in cosmetics. It is marketed most aggressively to women of color, and its use may exacerbate health hazards when used in conjunction with other products. In addition to its use in skin lighteners, hydroquinone is an impurity that can be found in ingredients commonly used in facial and skin cleansers, facial moisturizers and hair conditioners, including natural vitamin E (tocopherol) and synthetic vitamine E (tocopherol acetate).The chemical is allowed in personal care products in the United States in concentrations up to two percent. Although banned in the European Union, a UK news report found that products containing hydroquinone were relatively easy to procure.
What are the health concerns?
Cancer: Hydroquinone works by decreasing the production of melanin pigments in the skin. Because the chemical lightens skin by reducing melanin, it simultaneously increases exposure to UVA and UVB rays deep in the skin. This increases skin cancer risks due to UV exposure, in addition to the carcinogenic effects of the chemical itself.
Organ-system toxicity: In addition to concerns about long-term toxicity, hydroquinone is linked to a skin condition called ochronosis in which the skin (our largest organ) becomes dark and thick.
How can you avoid this?
Consumers should avoid products that list hydroquinone, and exercise caution with products that contain vitamin E in its natural or synthetic forms (tocopherol acetate, tocopherol, tocopherol linoleate, and other ingredients with the root “toco”).


  1. Thanks for the information mami.......oya send this alert to product junkies. X

    1. You're welcome sweet Amaka. LOL....Please don't let me do that, let the readers figure out that themselves. Sure Youth service is going fine

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