Friday, 26 September 2014

Ladies of Virtue, Right???

Got back so tired from Bidemi’s party and I actually was interested in (the hall week) yesterday's programme for the fact that it was specifically a day for “talent hunt and twerking competition”.
Believe me, I was more interested in that “twerking competition”. Luckily for me, I got back at the right time when the twerking competition was about to start.
The competition involved 6 guys to 6 ladies i.e a guy to a girl making up 6 couples, the guys came out bare chested with their trousers on. The game was for each lady to start by pulling the partner’s (guy) pants or trousers in a seductive way, thereby, presenting the guy half-naked to the crowd. 
snapped the picture from the 1st floor, couldn't risk losing my phone,i could only snap a picture.

Then the main competition started, the ladies were told to twerk, as in grind her partner till his p***s erects, and the competition started, the ladies twerked, grinded, ensured the partner's p***s responds to stimuli, tried to arouse their partner, but at the first round, there was no glaring result of what was expected.
The ladies went on another round and at this stage, they strived really hard in a seductive way to ensure they win the competition. They did it in the best way they could losing advantage of themselves, letting strangers fondle their breasts anyhow all in the name of competition.
Made me wonder what happened to the women of virtue and men of valour, is it that we've lost it all?, do we even know our worth?Is your body worth money? Can you buy your integrity? I don't know about you but for the records, i'm not some cheap girl. That competition was for 5k, what's 5k compared to your integrity?. 

What message does twerking a stranger pass across? Anybody could say i'm actually not in vogue or don't know whats up but believe me, that's some height of immorality.I'm a lover of fun but I feel everything should be done with decency. I don't feel, just do what's right.

Nobody's meant to teach you what integrity means. It is what you choose to do. I don't believe in influence, i believe in self-will, if you had it in mind to do something, then its your decision. There's nothing like "i was forced to do it or convinced", my dear, you have the choice to do what's right or wrong. You have the choice to say "YES or NO". 
If it would hurt them, fine, but what matters is that you  have this conviction that you are in the right lane or path. Do things right, follow the right clique of people, apply whatever is right to your life. 

The crowd would definitely cheer or applaude you even if you're doing the wrong or right thing(that's why they are spectators) but trust me, someone out there is watching you, drawing a conclusion about you. We definitely can't please everyone because either you do wrong or right, people would talk but THINK! before you act, particularly when it has to do with the crowd. 

This' for my sisters that have lost their steps either through any means to please people, you could still take the lead and this is for my "our clique"(LOV) , let's keep the force moving.
Talk IT, Preach IT, Shout IT, we have to do it right. We are ladies/ moms/ models of tomorrow. Let's do it right by laying a LEGACY.

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