Thursday, 18 September 2014


People that know me wella knows i love Linda Ikeji like crazy. Read this post that was linked to her newly acquired range rover on, loved it and decided to share it on here. 
I actually believe there are lessons you can learn from's not just about the money, the cars, the houses. (even if it is, nothing do you). You can find inspiration from anything and today I am sharing that with you! Few days ago  I saw Linda Ikeji posing with one of my dream cars (I dream of a TUNDRA and a RANGE ROVER) and I was just smiling...the babe don try. Nod if you agree.

Fail Fast: I stumbled on a sermon from a pastor on Channels TV and he was saying that if you knew you'd have to fail 7 times before achieving success (success is relative) what would you do? Fail once a year or fail rapidly through one year so you know you're hitting success next abi? 

I believe that's how the journey to success  can be for some. It could be first try, it could be the 5th try, or the 10th fast so you know what works, what doesn't and move on quick! Linda mentioned that she has tried different careers before finally succeeding at blogging...I give her props for continually trying. 

Be Creative: One thing I noticed is how some people have resources but do little with it, they are waiting for something seemingly bigger to start. Do you know people generate income by just posting pretty photos with their phone? Pere! You see, I've been following a lot of international bloggers to see how creative they are with blogging. I've also been reading books on how people make something almost out of nothing or a hobby.

I've seen successful ice cream tasters, successful phone reviewers, personal shoppers, these are people who are living the life they want because they could commercialize the little they have. Maybe its time to start charging for the bowls of Egusi soup you make for your male friends weekly.  Not everyone will be a doctor, or lawyer, or accountant, we need to move on from these stereotypes, get creative! Don't let the fear of trying something new stop you from trying. Some people still ask, kini blogging?

Spending Your Own Money: It is sweet to spend your own money...I shall not lie to you. There's a difference in the fulfillment you get from spending daddy's money, boyfriend's money and money you know you worked for. O sweet gan bi suga. When you stop being dependent on what others can do for you, you begin to empower yourself so you can do for yourself and do for others. This applies to men and women.

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