Friday, 19 September 2014

Perfection of Beauty

Ok ! This post was written by a friend for me. I remembered during our conversation some months back, he gisted me of how a guy paid him to write something sweet for him to give his girlfriend. Fast forward to my birthday and I was like “oga, I think I need someone to write something about me”, he didn’t ONLY write anything about me, but washed me with Kankan irin(iron sponge) and hypo.
So I was going through my files where I saved some write-ups and viola!, I found this and decided to share with you guys. Here it is:

Deborah Odeniran is meant for greatness. Actually, she’s already great because Deborah has something called “value” and no one is ever going to change that.
I remember, just like a unique time in a day, she stood there. Fiercely and independent, brilliant, beautiful and brave. Attributes I don’t think she even knows. That moment, I realize, its not who you are, its who you allow yourself to be.
The discovery of Deborah is ascertained that there are still females out there which are not girls. No strings attached, still I find her alluring. A girl that brings into life: Direction, meaning and Beauty.
Deborah is so ultimate and impeccable that if magazines beheld her Beauty, she would make them go bankrupt. A beauty so purposeful, its unappealing to listing eyes, now to those that think you have broken her, one thing you don’t understand is that even in her darkest hours, she is whole.
All that she believes in, all her dreams and aspirations, is the definition of the perfection of beauty.

That IS the end of my story. LOL

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