About Me

Super-Successfull woman's all i wanna be

Hi people. I'm Odeniran Deborah Olamide. An humble omobadan girl. I'm the first child in the family of four (dad,mom,I & my sis). I'm 5feet tall. I'm a christian, not that spiri koko someboree buh I'm just that special person to my creator. An undergraduate of the nation's pride (University of Lagos).
My love life's boring though. I'm single, aint searching. :)
Yea! I love meeting people, chatting, bullying(dnt be scared, depends on my relationship with you), gisting,seeing movies, music.
I dislike egocentric beings, snubs, liars,cheats. I really don't go down well with peeps who have such traits.
My nature's weird though, I love hanging out buh I'm this weird introvert. I really can get myself stuck indoors all day.
I just have 2 great people who really mean a lot to me. My dad and kid sis, they're my world. A bestie (Naomi) and bro's of life(toluwaniyi and Dammy), I find life so interesting with these unique babes Enny cole, Florence, Basheerah. They're just so wonderful. These people really make me feel the sweetest part of life even when some ishes acts tough on me.
Yea! My blog, I never thought of being a blogger neither am I doing it cos others are doing it, i'm also an admin blogger with unilag express. (www.unilagexpress.com ). I'm just using this medium to share my views on issues with y'all, no gossips + there's gossips :) *dnt be confused hon* :
just keep your fingers crossed, its all 'bou articles on life itself, relationships, (snippet stories and poems from two awesome peeps) Enny Cole and Kuti Olumide.
Trust me, we'll try to be the best we can here. Feel free to comment on our posts here. Love y'all *kisses*


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