Monday, 15 September 2014

Apologies for Being MIA

Hey lovelies, I’d assume actually have no excuse for been away. Ok! The cogent excuse I can screw up right now is the fact that I actually don’t have internet access to upload my post on here, but guess what?
Wait! Did I just type I think? Ok! I’m back, not fully back but I’m back. I’d try to meet up with posts at most twice or thrice every week.
I hope you are cool with that and I’m sure my readers understand the fact that I’m in my final semester here, as in, some countdown to being a graduate of this prestigious University.
Trust me you are always on my mind, I’ve been screwing up plans for this blog too but this is just a post to apologize for been away and thanks to those who still check in. Irrespective of my inconsistent posts here, I keep checking on my page views, believe me I’m still impressed. I'd post some articles later in the day, but right now, i have to leave for my 11:00a.m class.

I love you all. You guys are so awesome. Lets go social by being friends on all social platforms
                Twitter - @deborah_olamide
                Facebook: Odeniran Deborah Olamide
                Instagram: Debs_Belle_and_Styles

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