Wednesday, 24 September 2014


I’m not a fashionista neither am I a fashion police. I’m a fan of “just dress simple and feel alright”. I might not be a genius when it comes to the rules in dressing but my medulla oblongata still makes good use of the “dress decent” rule.
Of late, I’ve noticed the trend of some (not all) ladies tush up (dress nice), and end up spoiling everything with their inner wear (as in brassiere) showing. There’s no biggie in wearing what’s in vogue or what you feel suits you, but why don’t you apply some bit of decency while dressing.Perhaps the decent dressing dey cause bad market for them.
how to wear see through tops
Right!!! Wrong!!! Right!!!

What’s the essence of putting on that transparent dress when all we can see that you’re putting on is a black brassiere. The last time I checked, that’s why we have different kind of underwear(tubes, singlet + others you know). If you ain’t convenient with a singlet (just like me), make good use of a tube or whatever would cover your chest, if perhaps the "concept" is to look great in a transparent dress, putting on a tube to cover those cleavage is enough.
Image result for picture of a blue net dress
The worst of it all is for my sisters that would wear a blue gown, the upper part of the dress is a transparent or net material and viola!, all you can see a red bra strap. What the FUCK!!! Are you trying to match the innner bra strap with your red belt on the blue dress.
Iono if that’s some fashion rule(just like I said earlier), I’m not a fashionista, but from the little I learnt, make good use of a black bra or perhaps same colour of bra that matches the dress' colour.

At this point, i rest my case.

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