Thursday, 25 September 2014

Privileged or Oppurtuned???

I was at Shoprite, surulere for a little get together with a friend (would post pictures soon)whose birthday was yesterday . Yea! I really had fun, nah! I mean, we all had fun. This post ain’t for the gist, that’s some later gist. So, after the parrie, we (my friends and I) were heading out of the mall, and something caught my attention.
There was this game centre (for kids I guess) in the mall, (I don’t know if that’s also meant for adults too), I saw 2 kids playing a game together, they were so engrossed in this game(perhaps some competition).
Outside the game spot, a little boy was there watching them.Image result for picture of a kid watching his friends play gameThat boy wasn’t standing and just watching for no reason. He had a lot of things going on within him(his mind). To justify my thoughts, I drew a friend’s attention to it by showing her the little boy behind and her comment was same thing with what I had in mind.
Image result for picture of a poor boy isolated
I wish....!!
I imagined a lot going through that little boy’s head. With all what’s going through his mind, he has it backed up with a wish. 
This made me think that “if he was privileged like those kids, would he appreciate it or would he be more happy if he was opportune”, and at a point I asked myself, “is it always about going to the motherless babies home?, do we take note of things happening around us?, do you see that person who’s really worried without even coming to beg from you?, do you take note of minor things?, do you notice the shaky tone in that person’s voice as a result of some silent tears within him?.

On a serious note, I don’t think I help beggars. On this part I know I’m guilty. What about that little kid hawking gala on the road, why don’t you just buy a gala and perhaps dash him some little change, you’ve noticed this little boy playing with  a used toy his mom got from a trash bin or perhaps some cane-constructed toy because his parents can’t afford the real one, buying him a better toy would do.
I don’t know If you notice there are a lot of people suffering out there, nah! i think suffer is the wrong word, they are not as  privileged as you are.  I’m not there yet, I don’t know about you but “a little giving” could be a cause of joy to that person. I actually don’t mean giving out to some little lazy boys who right from age 6 have turned begging to some kind of lucrative business.
Just do it right, within you, you’d have this joy that you made someone happy.
I wasn’t able to help that boy but I trust me for the fact that I’d do better when I have that opportunity. I’m not lucky neither are you, we are only privileged. At this point, we should do something not for the records or because people are watching but to make that person happy, to have this tingly feeling of satisfaction.
I can do IT, YOU can do IT. WE will DO IT.

(P.S: I don’t know if my dictionary misled me in the choice of word (privilege or opportune), I only ensured I publish this post now so I would upload pictures from the b’day later today. Goodmorning J )

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