Friday, 19 September 2014


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I’m a kind of person who is always concerned about the future, what next to do?, what year or month I’d achieve this or that? and at times, I write some steps on how to go about it or save it on my Storage brain device. Most times, I do this through making good use of a pen and sheet of paper. If you wake me up and ask me what id be doing at age 25, I could download everything to you.
Early this year, I really aimed at meeting a target, I already made plans on how to go about it, took the steps but then I realized i was a bit close to the target. The sad thing is it was so glaring I couldn’t meet up with what I wanted.
Of late, I realized one of the plans I made which is of great importance to me wasn’t going as planned. It was then I realized I’ve been so full of myself and I actually didn’t even allow God get so fully involved. This doesn’t mean God doesn’t care about us, but most times, he watches us do things without him interfering so as for us to appreciate the great works he does in our lives.
I remember a friend of mine always advice me to ensure I say ‘By God’s grace’ in whatever Im about saying or plans that I have or I’m about saying. (e.g: By God’s grace, I intend furthering my education after NYSC) instead of I intend furthering my education after NYSC.

God has taught me that:
 Image result for picture of let god lead
11.        No matter how great a planner you are, God work things out in his own way to remind you that he’s the only one who is and can be in charge.
22.        No matter how hardworking you are, if you don’t involve him in every activity of yours, he could raise a low-levelled person to go higher than you.
33.       He does things in his own way because his ways are not our ways.
44.      His delay doesn’t mean denial. Trust me, he has you in mind no matter how long you’ve refrained from him. The fact that youre alive to see another day is enough reason to prove that your existence is for a purpose.
55.     Putting him first + your plans + faith = Excellence
66.      I shouldn’t compare myself to others because the plans he has for me is for good and not for evil.

P.S : This post might not be for everyone, but I’m sure its for a particular person.

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