Monday, 16 November 2015

Lie Lie Question

Njokwa o my people,  how was your weekend?.  I hope you didn't get to experience "my kind of weekend" (boredom galore). 
No I didn't ignore that word,  I know someone would go all "what does the first word in this post mean (and she didn't even translate it in bracket) ? "..... Well,  jokwa is the general greeting here...... Morning,  afternoon,  night,  midnight sef na jokwa (is jokwa). 
Those of us in the western part of the country  know that you have to get acquainted with  different greetings in relation the time of the day(ekaaro, ekaason, eku role, ekaale ).  Kaprish!.
So,  jokwa is a word that signifies respect in form of greeting. 
This is where the lielie question comes in.  Does any one even have a clue of what lie lie question means?. 
Lie lie question(to me) means asking a question that you already know the answer,  but you just want to ask for question sake. 
(e.g:. You see me cooking and you ask "are you hungry? " .  Why should I cook if I'm not hungry*rollseyes*.
You're going to an eatery to buy shawarma and you ask "should I get one for you",  even when you know I wouldn't turn down such request)*sideeye*. 
That's what lielie question means. 
Leggo! There's this aged woman who walks through the front of my room every weekend and when I greet her,  it's either I'm getting ready for church,  brushing my teeth or giving myself the face beat.
There's this day,  I was actually rushing up with my makeup (cos I do it close to the door for me to have a feel of the fresh air),  and then the conversation begins,  let's call her mama

Mama:(sees me from afar)  Nne...... Adanma (smiles)
Me: jokwa ma
Mama: Jokwa (smiles)  Itetewo o
Me:(gives a funny look even though I know what it means )
Mama: (translates Itetewo thinking I don't know what it means ) You don wake?. Itetewo o
Me: ( smiles back) *in my head I ask myself if this kind of question should be answered*

Again,  In my head,  I go all...... Does someone in her sleep,  get brush,  foundation and powder to makeup while sleeping? .
Worst of all is this woman at MY PPA,  you see me well dressed going to sign and you ask me "Itetewo o".
This is one lielie question I can't deal with,  especially from the ebonyians......
What's that lie lie question you've been asked?  What's the best response you've given?.
Please hit the comment box.
I wish you all a stress-free week ahead.  Love you.

*Jokwa :(greeting from the eastern part of the country,  ebonyi state.  It signifies respect)

Itetewo: (are you awake?)

Lielie question: (pidgin word for asking questions that you obviously know the answer)

Ekaaro: (greetings from the western part of the country.... Mostly used in the mornings)

Ekaason: (greetings from the western part of the country..... Mostly used at noon)

Ekuroole : (greetings from the western part of the country..... Sign of respect used in the evening )

Ekaale: (greetings from the western part of the country...... It's a term of respect used at night)


  1. heheheh Eezz not a joking Sturvzz eh! Aight! So mine is a common one..

    You walk by my Room door and shout Junior.. I answer yes.. Whats up?! and someone special to me asks.. Are you sleeping?! and aYam like Dafuuuqqq! of coourse aYam awake nah! Shey Person wey dey sleep dey respond ni?! :) Thanks for sharing Bubba.. Weldone.

    1. Asin ehn...... You might prolly be sleeptalking...... Loool