Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Let's Make A deal.

Hi bloghearts,  my apologies for being inconsistent without prior notice....  Most/some of y'all know I'm serving my country through the compulsory NYSC programme which would hopefully come to an end in April,  nextyear.  Just to inform you that I might not be fully active when it comes to posting daily(lack of power supply is one of my major difficulties here. ).  So,  I'm working on uploading my posts just on  Mondays,  wednesdays,  Friday,  then Sunday....  Cool,  innit?....  I've missed y'all here.  Meanwhile,  I'd get myself geared up for next week's post .  (reading through this post seems as if I sound too serious. *coversface*)

1 comment:

  1. Aawwwgggh Deborah toh Sure.. Your sincere smile in the picShur above is making my smile to smile.. Whoop! Whooop! We shall begin waiting for your posts like Good ol MTN midnight calls now eh :) Wednesday posts especially :)