Monday, 23 November 2015

Hello Challenge

Last week,  I'm sure most of us noticed the hello challenge trending on social media especially on Twitter.....  Twas so hilarious reading the response of those pranked.
I couldn't watch myself carry last on the #hellochallenge craze(LOL),  so I decided to give it a try.....
I did it last week( I guess) of which I screen grabbed and posted on Instagram.
If you ain't following me on IG,  please do.  I'm less active on Twitter though but both handles are @debra_olamide
So as I was saying (LOL),  Flore acted like a typical African lady but kel made it more fun...... I was laughing,  laughed real hard when I saw his call...... Nigga had to do a Lil checkup on me. 
Loool...... You tried the hello challenge?.  Who did you try it with? How was yours like? Hit the comment box and share with me......
Please if you're a blogger, kindly  drop the link to your site address.  I'd love to read through your blogs too :) .