Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Here And Now

Here and Now, I fall to my death
Although it’s all I have pictured since I was nine
Not because people tagged me as an elf
But cos of the empty and useless years within myself

Here, mother was at each reach
A place of solace with every gaze upon her face
With her words of inspiration galloping through my veins
Oh life! Oh dear! What beautiful happiness that breathes
Now, I yearn for mother and she is no more there
The one that leads me through self epiphany has been taking by a fierce sphere
A hole in the heart the doctor said it was
More of a hole in my heart, as she fades to dust
There is just a natural imbalance which seems to forbid me any real chance at happiness

So now brings us to here, in this stormy intermix
An astonishing force causing all souls to be in a fierce gamble
Some souls never win, some never loose
But we are here tonight, that’s all that matters

Here and now, you keep reading
Here and now, I die without really living
Here and now, to me, is nothing but a mirage

By…Kuti Olumide