Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Photo Spree.

Hi Dearies,
Wanna drop some latest pictures mine. Was supposed to go see a movie but I actually decided to stab the cinema and just chill at the Lagoon Resort, UNILAG 'cos i was so lazy and tired for any Ozone thingy after all the "danceeeeeee and screams at The Experience."

Photo shoot was taken by My Own Dearestest (CEO MATOPS Photography)

Sincerely, i never knew i was gon have a photo spree. Woulda at least changed my wears buh anyways i sha snapped.

Senate Building, UNILAG.
I had this shot in a jiffy 'cos i was actually trying to avoid embarrassment by 'em those security officials but i think its nice. Me Likey.

My weekend was great.Thanks for making my day Dearie("cos i'm sure you're gon see this).

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