Monday, 16 December 2013

Celebrating Small Victories.

 Do you reward yourself for your accomplishments?
It is important that we take the time to celebrate even our small victories. It is not untill that thing turns out huge before you call for a get- together party or something. Appreciate every little success that comes your way by celebrating it.
It's time to take a step back and realize that instead of focusing on all that we're not getting done, we should be focusing on all that we are getting done. I call this the Celebrate the Small Victories approach. The intent is to give a little love to yourself for all of the hard work you put into each day. Spoil yourself.This will make for a much happier existence, boost your self-esteem by placing focus on the positive and likely make you even more productive and energetic as time goes on. You can't lose!

By marking these successes, we make them stick out in our minds. It forces us to acknowledge our progress and increases the likelihood we'll repeat the positive behavior in the future.

Did you have a good day at work today? Did you finish a noteworthy project or deliver a good presentation? Did you close a sale?

For stay-at-home moms, did you survive another day with a toddler? Did the kids get to and from school on time? Did you finish a household chore?

Whatever your goals, be sure to recognize your victories. So, go ahead and treat yourself for all your victories, even the small ones! 
Same thing applies to your birthdays, buy yourself something you've ever wanted that no one knows. I recall buying myself a Personal Make-Up kit as my personal birthday gift. You can get yourself a new iPad/Bible/Phone et al.

  • Give yourself permission to take a day off and relax.

  • Take an hour and listen to some of your favorite music.

  • Go to lunch with your best friend.

  • Buy yourself a new shirt.

  • Throw an impromptu dinner party.

  • Perform a random act of kindness.

  • Go for a walk alone.

  • Go on a date to that new restaurant you've been wanting to try.

  • Call your parents and just act crazy.

  • Spend a couple of hours alone in a beautiful place.

  • Meet someone new at a social gathering.

  • Take a weekend road trip.

  • Get yourself an iPod.

  • Take a long nap.

  • Go see an inspiring movie.

  • Share a bottle of champagne with your spouse.

Small victories are worth celebrating too!

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of ways to celebrate, but it should give you plenty of ideas for how to treat yourself. Making your victories special will make them memorable so, go ahead and pat yourself on the back once in awhile. You deserve it!

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