Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Beauty of Being an Enterpreneur: Pains & Gains

Being an entrepreneur is not a day's business neither is it rice and beans.  It's something you envision,  imagine and work hard to ensure it turns real. 
I'll try to make this post so real in the best way I can,  especially through the  experience I've encountered so far. 

To be sincere with you,  I can say we've got tons of hustlers in naija.  From that guy that hawks on the expressway,  to that lady who runs as fast as she can to give a passenger in the moving bus that chilled Lacasera,  not forgetting iya Shakira who owns a supermarket on the street. 
But then,  I shouldn't digress with all that explanation.  It takes passion for one to be an Enterpreneur. Just as I said you envision how you want to build your business and take the necessary steps to ensure that it turns out real. 
You don't need to have it all before starting.  I believe in starting little.
Personally,  I was and is still talented when it comes to braiding weaves.  I didn't pass through any informal or formal training.  All I need to do is look at how it's done and taada,  I've stolen the steps/ Styles .  Genius right? *tongueout *
Now the beauty of being an entrepreneur are innumerable. 
1. You're your own boss!: There's nothing that can beat the joy in you when you realize you're your own boss.  That doesn't restrict your 8-4 job schedule.  It's just bliss when you don't have to wait till you're paid your monthly salary. 
2. That feeling when someone wears/ own your brand : I feel so proud of myself when people ask " were you the one who made this? ".  Some even go ahead to say "you don't look it? ".  Eeer!  Sorry,  but do I have to have a placard on my head before you know that I can do this? .  Since I trimmed my hair to its natural state of mind(LOL) ,  I've always made my hair myself.  I feel embarrassed when people actually argue that I didn't make it, so most times I just ignore the talk and avoid telling the rest of them who I know won't believe. 
3. You'll make it : yes!  That's the major beauty and dream of every entrepreneur.  You'll definitely make it only if you don't give up.  Only if you don't stop.  You'll make it if you continue doing what you're good at.
4. When you never go out of vogue: Keep trending!  No matter the business you're involved in,  something trend at a particular time.  Styles come and go.  The joy of it is when you never go out of vogue.  I make beads and I've learnt some trending  Styles through YouTube.  It will sound disappointing when your client asks if you can do something like this for me and you start stuttering. 
Well,  just before I write a long post,  let's talk about the gains and pains of being an entrepreneur.
1. Lack of trust: there's this yoruba adage that goes thus "eyan buruku ti ba eyan rere je" which literally means "the character of a wicked man has turned both the good and bad to be termed as wicked" (I stand to be corrected)
So,  the first time I had a client through my Facebook page.  I was happy and excited when we spoke.  I was almost hopeful  that this deal will work out fine .  But,  The challenge I had was "how can I trust you with my money". I tried to convince him and all but that didn't work out fine.  
2. Client differs : You could meet a client who's nice,  understanding and everything but then you could meet another who is actually frustrating(tried to get the right word ) .  You just have to get ready for whatever drama might spring up. Still,  never use the curse word cos we live in a small world.  Na business,  let it go.  You can't escape it.  
3. Bargains: I used to have this customer of mine back then in my undergraduate days in Unilag.  Whether it's the fixed price or not,  I always bargained price with him.  He'll go all "nawa for una o,  wetin women no fit price? ".  Now that I'm in the business,  I'm having my fair share of it and I've learnt to appreciate people's craft.  Truth is we work hard to meet the demands of a client,  we don't just do it at the snap of our fingers.  Any amount we tell you is what we feel is normal.  Every if you'll bargain,  puhleeeze!   don't give me half the price I told you all on the name of bargaining.  That's sheer wickedness. 
4. Pains - The Aftermath: for every job you do,  you get to experience the pain.  Tailors feel it in their legs,  makeup artists and beader experience back ache. Each work comes with a pain but what kills this pain is the joy that "the cash is coming".  Imagine passing through the pains and a client calls to give an excuse.  Sad,  right?
1. Money!: I love money,  I really do.   I'll keep doing whatever I can to get real money,  so far it's legitimate.  Money kills the pain,  money pays the bill,  money helps you get that shopping spree and that vacation you've always wanted.  Money is the way(but not the truth and the life) .  Loool
2. Referrals : who doesn't like referrals?  I just love to have referrals from sure people(LoL).  That's a sign that the business is growing.  It's also a better sign that you're helping your brand with a job well done. 
3.  You're employed: either you have or don't have a formal job.  You're employed cos you own a business.  In fact,  your life is more flexible and  less controlled. You're your own boss.  
Tips for entrepreneurs
1. Don't go out of vogue.  Learn to share with friends and gain from them.  It's a tit for tat thing.  You don't tighten your fists and expect to get from people,  it doesn't work that way. Share ideas with your colleagues in the same field.  That doesn't mean you'll lose clients. 
2. Think big.  Never settle for less.  A client bargains price less than what your fixed price is.    Ignore and wait for a bigger client.  You are not a beggar,  na your work. You know what's best for you,  deal with it.  
3. Never do family business.  Anything that pertains to your brand should be business personified(except it's a gift from you to them) .  No more Mrs.  Nice or aunty cheerful giver.  Else be ready for doom,  not a curse,  just the fact.  I've had my share of this,  perhaps I'll share it in my next post. 
4. Be straightforward.  You don't have to lie that you bought the material for this amount.  Honesty is priceless.  It will help you in your business. 
5. Don't disclose your material price list to clients : they want to get a neckpiece?.  You don't have to start telling them how much crystal beads and fishing line is.  Someone did it right to my face and I'm like "what? " .  Your business is to tell them the fixed price.  Don't convince clients by disclosing your material list price. 
6. Business is business.  Let's talk money before we discuss personal issues.  Personally,  I can do business with an ex or even my enemy.  In as far as the end result is money or credit alert. Owonikoko is my slogan.  
I'm Odeniran Deborah(you know right? ) ,  not a business consultant but one who just shared her experience through this post(LOL) . 
Have you had your fair share of the gains and pains from your business. 
Please share with them us through the comment box. 
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  1. Ah ah! But they said you have to slash prices into two divided by 4 to get the original price nah *tongue out*
    Well said dear, maybe someday I'd be bold enough to become one.
    So when am I getting a free complete make over?

    1. Loool.... That one na gbese. Thanks hon, you will joor. I didn't forget the gist we had yesterday. Hehe.
      Free makeover tshey.... Calm down hon. Soon baby.

  2. Naso.. If my ex want me to his gf bridal makeup.. I go do am, so far money is involved.. Owonikoko oo