Friday, 22 April 2016

Questions That Turns Me off on a First Date

We tend to meet people everyday either coincidentally or anyhow you can tag it ....  There's this syndrome of first date (meeting the person ) .
Meeting people through this first date / chat determines your interest on how you really want the relationship to be.  Personally,  if I don't get to like you on a first date/
chat,  i don't think we can ever flow on the same lane..... But if it's vice versa.... Oh MY lord!  You'll be stunned at how we'll chat as if we've been friends for like forever. 
Questions that turn me off and could probably turn you off if we are on the same relationship lane are :
1. Tell me about you: if I'm meeting you strictly for business,  I'm sorry.  Let's set our personal views aside and just deal with our business.  I don't really care to know your position on the family or what you don't like.  Let's talk money first,  then every other discussion might fall on place.
If we are chatting on friendship basis,  just let things flow.  Don't ask too much questions? .  You could indirectly ask questions through your response.  E. G: Really,  so you went to Unilag.  It seems you studied law.
Now that's a response that doesn't kill the vibes.  If you get the drift,  you answer if you studied law or not.
2. What's the meaning of your surname : for real?  Did you just ask me that?  Wooooow!......  I totally dislike being asked jamb questions like this.  I could be nice enough to lend you my phone just to browse Google.
3. You don't look Yoruba :a thousand and one people have told me that..... Please..... I'm Yoruba and I know I don't look like us.  Some claim I look like those from the eastern race or south west.  Oh well!  Keep it up
4.  Why did you learn (a skill) *****?  You should know it's the passion in me now. Let's just say my craving for success and  money makes me versatile.  Loool.  It's just like me asking "why are you working? "
5. Why do you look different from what I see in pictures? : eeer!  What were you expecting?  Were you expecting a 5.92 model

Just before you think I've got a 6th point,  This is the end of my short story.  Loool.  Infact,  it's been long I went on a date,  let's just say first date with anyone.  But I'm sure you can relate to this. 
So,  What are those questions that turn you off on a first date.  Please let me know in the comment box
Happy weekend folks.  Have a blast


  1. Ha we are kindred spirit I swear!
    In other news, I know your brows are on fleek, stop oppressing me :-(

    1. Asin ehn! Thought I was alone o. Eeer.... The brow, I'll keep oppressing as long as I can. *runs*