Friday, 22 April 2016

Social Media Craze(Series 4)

So,  this platform  is a photo/video sharing  app  .....
Instagram seems to be one of the top social media platform where you find people there for different purpose.  Some are there to upgrade their business audience and of course get clients by showcasing their products or business ,  while some are just there to set P(do I need to explain what setting P means?.) , some are also there to show off. .... Oops!  I need not explain all.  So from my own point of view, below are the different categories of people on Instagram. 

1. The Designers Freak: these ones post pictures of them dressed up on designers outfit and their caption is all about showcasing  the brands they're wearing.  I won't be surprised the day anyone will include the brand of perfume he / she wore. 
2. Team Showoff : this category has to be divided into sub categories.  Lool. 
* the ones who either go for a live show and start uploading videos of live performances.  Ahmean!  My mb dey waste abeg. 
*the ones who'll got to one gheghen eatery  and will upload close to 4 pictures of same food they had with d offering pose.   Sorry,  what happened to picmix or pics collage or whatever app you know?
* the ones who'll go for shopping and just snap the boutique.  I'm sure most of them don't  buy anything out of that place,  all na wash(no!  I'm not hating on them.  Lol ) .
*the ones who'll just be driving  and upload a video,  no sound,  no music,  nothing nothing . ALl I see is a steering and a moving car on the expressway(abi na you be oga driver? ) .  Sheer wickedness. 
3. Tag Your Friends : I have 2 friends of mine who tags me to so many funny posts on IG.  If not for them,  I'll jes be dead on Instagram and perhaps be stale when it comes to short clip comic videos.  I also tag most of my friend whenever I upload pictures on my IG post.   Can you relate to this?
4. Ghost Users: these ones are always on IG but never upload pictures.  Go through your notifications all you'll see is "@debra_olamide liked 8 pictures".  Go through their wall,  0 pictures,  200 followers,  following 1637.  I'm like WTF?. 
5. The Advertisers :  those are the ones who owns business.  Their main target are pages of OAP,  musicians,  bloggers, actors.  The hustle in naija is real, LOL.  These ones do nothing other than  post advertisement of their products as comments.  You'll see stuffs like "to get that glowing skin you've ever wanted,  Ff @debra_olamide". The ones that piss me off are those who advertise cheap data. 
You'll see sth like "pay 1k to get 1.5g-mtn,  5k to get 16g data - airtel" Do people subscribe to that cheap data advert? Is it real?
6. Business men and women: I think I fall under this category although my ministry dey move small small.  Lol.  We all know social media can be made good use of if only you use it right.  These ones create a page solely for their business purpose.  They don't mix business with pleasure.  I have my personal gram account and another account to showcase what I do. 
7. Check ya DM:  we know them na.  The bros who got no chill and just want to set p by all means.  They'll first start by commenting on your picture "you're so gorgeous baby",  once you respond kperen,  you've given them another chance to send DM.  The one that pisses me off most are the ones who'll drop their numbers that you should chat them up on whatsapp.  For real?
8. Private Users With Business account: it seems funny to me when I see a users bio showcasing his/her business and then I realize the person's account is private.  Why do people do this?  Loool.  My personal account is private(reasons best known to me)  but my business page,  never!.  How you wan take sell market when people have to request for you to accept them to be your followers?. 
I'm sure you've noticed somethings on Instagram that I didn't post here.  Biko! share them with me in the comment box. 
Asides blogger,  let's hook up on Instagram
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  1. The instamodels and instamake up artistes nko? Team A posing like crippled idiots. Mtschew

    1. Chai! I totally forgot but Amaka's mouth. Hehe. Eeer. I didn't see this o. Lol