Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Feature Post: The Fear Of Being Single

I've be wanting to pen down my thoughts on the Fear of being single for a while now, I just couldn't find the right time, right mood and right frame of mind. Until today...Until This very Minute... Wondering what triggered the thoughts... And then I realized am actually living my fears right now..

And I think majority of young women today are facing Anuptaphobia which is the Fear of staying single.
It's like Jennifer Lopez sang " What if I never find and I'm left behind?
Should I keep hoping for love?
What if I'm still the same?
Status doesn't change?
Gotta keep hoping for love?
Which leaves us with the ultimate question "what is love"?
We single ladies are just too afraid of  this dreadful status... We want to experience love so bad... it drives us into the arms of the wrong men... it ruins our chances of getting into a happy romantic relationship... The fear of not wanting to end up alone drives us into desperation which ultimately grows into loneliness and depression.
You wake up to a good morning only for you to see pictures of that friend who got engaged recently... Or a friend who just had her traditional marriage... and you go back to bed... with that awful feeling that the universe is against you...and it's not like your beefing those friends or anything... But your left wondering the good guys are? Should you go out more? where exactly are this eligible bachelors?
That's not all,  this is just a tip of the ice berg,  please,  check maureen's blog to read the full writeup.  She's a great writer and blogger


  1. Okies. This remind's me of Naija Single Girl's book titled '29, Single and Nigerian'. As a Nigerian woman, u really don't wanna get to that age unmarried!

    -The fears of a single Nigerian woman.

    -The fears of being called Aunty gwegs

    -Chronicles of a single Naija woman
    Who's in her late 20s, right into her 30s


    1. Asin ehn. Nobody wanna. I've not read the book though but I can relate. Not even from an African home. Thanks for the read

  2. you see, this is why many relationships fail today and would keep failing. let's step out of the novels and the movies, and the pretty pictures painted to us by friends and otherwise. when you have fears over these things, the whole thing is faulty already. i'd say, :) let's all focus within first, love yourself first, fall in love with your singleness first, because trust me, even as being married, it takes a special grace to be single- the act of singleness is not jokes, it has its purposes and benefits, discover it.

    1. Yes, Tega. Lot of us dwell on the fairytale kinda story. Thanks for your comment

  3. You know society has made it seem like a woman being single is one with a terminal disease...