Friday, 31 October 2014

Hey Sisters,

So i was on Linda's blog yesterday and this post caught my attention. The first thing that came to my mind was "we (ladies) are the ones who gives guy/men the chance to disrespect us".
One factor that i think causes this is money. Fine! everybody likes money. Personally, i love money but one thing i would never choose to happen in my relationship is "share my man with any female aside his sisters, female cousins and mom".

I've realized men claim to know our mumu button and funny enough we fall for it and that mumu button "to most girls" is material things. Once they calculate and figure out that this guy has it all, bam! bae is in.

What has happened to that integrity?

We all hear that "men are cheats, men are cheats" but sis, you are the one helping/making them become cheats. How? 
This guy comes to ask you out and from what you've seen or heard, you know he's got a girl he's dating (infact, some guys would tell you he has a girlfriend who he would soon call off the relationship with). A girl in her right senses should know that a time would come, if she gives in, this guy would do something similar to her but nada! some of my fellow sisters would do that with the assumption of "make i chop im money small".
That's when we give playboys the chance, that's where true love never comes in because we've made them believe that once they flaunt the money, we'd dance to their tune. That's when they don't see the need to sweat it before they get what they want from us because they feel they've got it all.

I don't want to believe i'm the only one that has something to say about this.
Sure you have some views, kindly use the comment box.

Happy weekend darls


  1. Why would I say yes to a guy that tells me he'll soon break up with his bae? The depth of our foolishness is amazing!

    1. My dear, some babes decide not to format the zombie characters out of their brain.