Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Right from the first time i watched him speak through this video , follow the leader  ,my love for him was at its peak. The way this dude speak, his words, the rhymes, the message (i'm speechless). He's just too good, too good to the extent that i watched most(not all) of his videos on youtube.  Aside the fact that this guy uses his poems in form of spoken words, nigga is cute.

There's this good feeling i have when i see a cute dude that's so intelligent. I kent explain it.Nigga is cute biko!

I even learnt he has a book, sadmuch the only person i know(albert) that has it only has the hardcopy*sobs*.
I won't beg you but i implore you to please try to download this video, you'd love it. I saw "american't and "follow the leader" of late and i tell you, its cool.
I love sharing stuffs like this so i'd know if i'm stale or not. I thought i've seen most of Suli break's video not untill albert(my friend) told me the number of videos he has seen.
I learnt videos can be downloaded via youtube but this babe knows nada about it*i for don download all the videos finish*.

A note to SuliBreaks: I really want you to come to Lagos, i want to watch you speak live. I won't even mind having a personal pix with you. My only prayer is the gatefee shouldn't be overpriced.
I love you so much Sulibreaks.


  1. Aww! Can't see the video though. It's not showing on the post.

  2. Thanks, you just made me notice that. Ijust posted the youtube link.
    Thanks ma'am.

  3. I dey manage my mb ehn! *bats eyelashes*
    But this nigga. *eyes you* is cuuuuuuuuuteeeeee

    1. Choi!!! i understand that feeling.
      LOL.......You yoo got the eye for goodthing ehn