Tuesday, 28 October 2014


*in timaya's voice* Zaaaaaga! my first nomination ever. Thanks darling. Ok! back to buisness.
The award is passed from blogger to blogger(who are ladies) and there are just 4 conditions you have to meet when you accept the award.

The Rules
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.

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3. Answer their ten questions.

4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees
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Yaaaayness! So i was nominated by amaka, this is my first nomination ever.
This is her request: "Tell us about a part of you that you struggled with(maybe a habit, nose, shape, leg etc) and how you over came the fear......
the aim: to help ladies accept every part of their bodies and personalities (she decided to break the 10 questions norm, isn't that lovely?)

*clearsthroat* Okay!!! Once again, i was nominated by amaka and this is the first ever , asin first ever, so puhleeeze let me say it over and over again cos its shacking me (beht wait, can anyone translate shacking me to a correct english)?
Sincerely speaking before i answer the question, i actually realized i struggled with two fears: Academic wise and my body(on behalf of the team light in complexion) hehe!.

Ok! I don't know if its just me or its applicable to all fair ladies, i realize once i use a particular cream twice (asin finish a cup, then use another cup), the effect of the cream doesn't work anymore. The next thing i'd hear is "you're getting dark, what cream do you use? Change your cream or soap, blablabla" and then the struggle begins on "which kind of cream can i use?

I actually struggled with this skin of mine ehn! right from secondary school days, which cream have i not used ranging from Bio Claire, Peau Claire, Diva, Fashion fair, Visible difference*i kent even name it all xef*, that was then o (asin back in those days o.. )before i graduated to fair and white, i even use the soap xef and the serum, otentika, nivea, (*believe me those are the ones i can remember).
The struggle was bad, recently I decided to use fair and white body oil. At first, people were magnifying the glory of the Lord on how my skin was radiant and I kept saying i'd use this oil forever, nobody can make me change it not untill I bought that body oil the second time and few weeks later comments started rolling in, Debby you're getting dark o, abeg change your cream. You used to be lighter than me before, now i think we're now having the same color shade. It was so bad that colour 2 powder blended to my face and then i knew its high time i change that cream.

I overcame this fear by seeing a dermatologist who gave me a secret recipe on how to deal with the skin. Presently, i've started my recipe in a coded way. hehe! and i refuse to hear what people are saying anymore about how light or dark i am.  I've not overcame it yet, i'm still overcoming that fear (LOL)

The second struggle i had was with a specific course in my academic, infact, thats a recent struggle. Last semester, i offered a course ADE 401 of which our predecessors have told us a lot about the lecturer.  Funny enough, it turned out real in our set(Class of 2014)  and the main gist was no matter how good the class is, a student fails that course. Its so bad that even if you need a mark to cross over to the A grade, this woman won't dash you 1 mark(asin 69 - 70). So, everyone really tried. The struggle started with her test, she gave us 15 minutes for 3 to 4 questions i guess and believe me that time wasn't enough.
The test script was marked and distributed to the class and i had a 6/20. (I mean) Ahmean!I aimed for an A in that course, and within me i wondered how an A can be achieved starting with 6/20 as the test score.
The next challenge was presentation (group presentation to be precise),  i really prepared for that even though i still don't know what i scored but sincerely speaking that test score really weighed me down. I ensured i prepared and read well for the exam. When the results were out, I heard gists of how a meeting was called because 19 students failed the course, i was worried because the results wasn't uploaded online yet and my class has this low population of just 48 students.
It was good news when i checked online and i saw a B.

I overcame the fear by reading, jacking, digesting  all the crinkrum crankrum in ADE 401 and it worked for me with a B despite the fact that i had a 6/20 in my test. Ain't that great?.

I actually don't have up to 10 nominees (shame on me) but i'd nominate my sweet namesake debby and the question still remains the same (because i'm still battling with my questionnaire and i think i'm bad with questions).
So Deb, kindly tell us a part of you that you struggled with and how you overcame the fear.

Have a lovely day ahead.


  1. Erm can you tell me your secret formula?
    Congrats on Your award

    1. Thanks D...
      Hahaha! nba, i won't tell except you bring me a lion's head.