Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Let's Create That Family.

Show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world― Napoleon . Little wonder we always come across the word “Readers are leaders”.
I could reminisce into my early childhood how my dad realized my flair for reading books and he actually improved that ability in me by buying me short story books. My dad is a person who irrespective of the little time he has, ensures he buys at least a newspaper every week. I can’t count the number of times he’d give me money for transport fare to the next bus-stop if perhaps I was late to meet the vendor. I've learnt what nobody has taught me through some of his collection of books. 

That alone helped me develop my reading skills, While I was in junior secondary school, I spent most of my money buying short story books worth  50# to 100# (back in the days). My reading habit didn’t just start in a day, my dad realized my flair for it and developed that habit in  me.
Fast forward to date, I realized our society doesn’t see any big deal in books or any material that passes across knowledge. We know the latest about showbiz ranging from Kim K down to our own artistes here but do we even know the latest book by Joyce Meyer, MMH or our very own Pastor Sam Adeyemi.
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In our environment, we see bars, clubs, eateries everywhere but come to think of it, one can hardly find a library. Not  just a library, one can hardly find a place established as a center that passes knowledge across. 
I think this society I find myself in has made me realize libraries are only meant to be in school, private organisations(special libraries)  and nowhere else.
Aside the fact that Social media has caused a turn around, (I mean you can download some books online), what has the government or well to do citizens done about creating a centre for learning, library or anything that would increase our knowledge and get us informed. I won't ignore the fact that I know the spirit of hustling flows through our blood, but this can start with our younger generations.

 I have an intention of owing a large library at my area in Badagry, Not now, not soon but when its right.You could take a step, you could do something too. One thing I keep promising myself is “I must ensure I own a library in my house”. Its a must. Reading doesn’t have to be done just in school. I’ve started getting my personal library stocked by investing in books.

I’d use myself as an example, not everyone can read anywhere. Personally, I can’t read in a lousy environment except I’m recalling, I can’t read in my room because I’d feel so comfortable and perhaps sleep off. If I’m not in school and I really want to read, because there’s no library around, does it mean I shouldn’t read?.

There’s no big deal if a library is constructed in the heart of a solemn community and lend books out to members of that community. 
I’m writing this article to motivate us, we can start something now, buy books, start your own library, its not bad if churches have a library and get it stocked with different book collections ranging from morals, counsels on marriage, spirituality. e.t.c.
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Writers could create a date with their readers by reading stories from some of their publications, interact with the readers and enable them share their views about the books they've read.

I don’t buy books because I only want to read, but I derive this joy in lending my books.
I feel happy when the comment I receive is that ”I love that book you lent me”. I believe I’ve indirectly passed a knowledge across to another generation through that person.
We can start it. The family of readers, we can create that change.
It starts with you and I. 


  1. Another great post! I totally agree that reading is so important for one's personal growth, knowledge, critical thinking, and learning how to express oneself properly! I love hearing how your dad improved and encouraged your flair for reading, my dad did the same for me :D Even now, he reads voraciously and finishes an endless amount of books (he works at a library, which is perfect for him). I too read a lot of books but usually when I'm on break during the summer because during the school months I do lots of readings for class.

    Definitely wish I had more friends who read a lot but these days social media and things like Netflix (and the internet) have taken over our generation's attention. I hope I have a big library myself one like my dad does...

    xx Debbie


    1. Thanks honey, let's keep moving the family. Its my dream to own a large library.
      Sure you're doing great.

  2. Wow! So you stay in Badagry? I grew up there and my parents still stay there.
    My father buys newspapers every day! I mean everyday and the struggle for first to read in my house is very real.
    I grew up around books, now I'd rather buy a book than buy clothes.
    Glad to know I've found a bookie..lol

    1. Yea baby, na badagry ooo. LOL.... for that newspaper thing you're not alone, my popsy even gives me to read if he hasn't read it yet. Yea! books over anything, knowledge na the koko. Yea! and we could do something about that dead end (badagry) soon.
      Finally found another bookish colleague. hehe!

  3. True talk!Nigerians don't read!youth especially.social media has taken over everytin.i usually read sydney Sheldon once a day but now it's taking me months to finish up,so sad.its worrisome.

    Great post,i should do a similar article like dat on my blog.