Monday, 27 October 2014

Culture of Excellence

Hi darlings, a happy new week to y'all.How was your weekend? Was it cool for you (in terms of relaxation) or you were involved in the normal Owambe sturvs?.

So i was on my way back to school yesterday morning and since I didn't go to church, i tuned in to Inspiration fm (92.3)  (i love their programmes on sunday).
I didn't start the programme with them but within that time frame (10:00 - 11:00am, a christian audio tape is always played ) to fill the gap for those of y'all who missed church. LOL
For the short while that i listened, perhaps less than 15 minutes before my phone battery was low, I MUST CONFESS that I was motivated and i learnt a lot.
I actually didn't listen from the start  so I didn't get to know the name of the preacher but I knew he's a Ghanaian(from the examples he gave while preaching) and i made good use of the memo pad on my phone, that's why i'm writing this article.

The preacher talked about God giving us the same brain/knowledge and that no matter how much God gives, if you don't have a culture of excellence, even if God gives you the brain, you can't show it. Excellence is a spirit, its an attitude, Its the way we respond to life, its what we have(and then my phone went off but that's not all).

God deposited in all of us same brain, storage, and even the same qualities but the problem we have is how we utilize it. How we make good use of it. An instance is the smart phone we all use, some people don't know how to make good use of it, they use it for the normal phone calls, text message, browse, ping and to them they've explore with the phone, believe me! that's a tip of the iceberg compared to other operators.

If God gives us copper, we could try to refine little things out of it. If God gives us Gold, we'd refine a lot of things out of it but fact is gold o, copper o, diamond o, anything. Bottom line is "Whatever you have at any moment of your life, no matter how little it is, try to create something big out of". The parable of the three servants who their master gave different talent is enough to use as a source of reference.

No matter how much or brekete way God blesses you, if you don't have the spirit or culture of excellence in you, it would never be obvious. Funny enough, we don't take note of little things that comes our way as blessing, because what we always expect as "blessings" is that 'it must be really big". If from the little way God blesses you, he wants to pave a greater way for you, but as a result of negligence or being expectant in a huge way, you lose the blessing.

That aside, if you don't have the culture of excellence, how would you even be able to make good use of the brain,  you kent show it. If you don't try to develop it through the assistance of God , you'd find it hard to achieve some things.
It is important for us to know that:
Excellence is a spirit.
Excellence is an attitude (Dan10:12).
Its the way we respond to life.
Its what we have.

I hope this post is meaningful to you. Do have your days filled with excellence.
Deb loves y'all


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