Friday, 17 October 2014

ADDICTION by Amanda Akpati

 If I told you I loved you... Would you hold it against me?
What exactly would your perception be of me?
Would u call me cheap? Would u call me loose?
Like I care? For your love I'll gladly bruise.
You created a fine line between love and hate.
 With you I understood the distinctiveness of coincidence and fate.
A obvious confusion faced yet paved way for a simple decision made.
I'll bask in ur cares
My crownin of ecstasy though conveyed with joyful tears,
would be a responsiveness of ur immense tenderness.
I'm not too ashamed to admit,
Neither I'm I too proud to submit.
Call me what u care,
spray ur disdain in the air.
Of course I'll gladly breathe,
Cos be it your disdain or affection,
you still owe it.
Strike at me with all you have.
Make me miserable with your rejection,
Hold nothing back.
Spare me no moment of your torture,
 Hate me, scorn me,
It still won't break me,
 change me or tame me,
My fantasy still remains!!!!!!!
My earnest urge for your feellin and satisfaction remains unbroken.
Therapy isn't enough to control this,
No grim reaper is strong enough to end this!
With your rejection and scorn!!!
Will I find this strength to carry on!!
Not now, not soon, not ever will I stop!!
Until this crave for your feelling,
acceptance and love is won!!!!!!!!!!

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