Friday, 7 November 2014

Its Worth Having You In My LIFE

In every journey we embark on, there are flounders that we pass through. Personally, the contumacious me is not exempted from it.  I’ve realized one thing, at that critical stage, you need someone by you, you need someone to carry you on, someone to (ginger) awaken your spirit.
Most times, not everyone is obligated to do that but uniqueness has set aside some people to perform its duty. That’s when you appreciate and realize how loved you are.
I won’t dispute this popular saying that goes thus “People come into your lives for different reasons” but these ones came into my life to make the better me. One thing I know about me is that ‘I love challenges, just put me up to the task or dare me and I’d make sure I surprise you or I fall your hand (in a positive way)”. You don’t even need to put me up to any task, your lifestyle is enough to challenge me. These people fall In that rank.
 They’ve really been there for me, I actually don’t know how well I can put it right but I’d always appreciate them any moment they come across my mind. In no particular order, (Apart from my roomies from year 1 to 4) I want to thank:
·         Oyeniyi Prince Joshua : This dude at this particular moment is a challenge to me.  When you’re talking of a person with humility, I can direct you to PJ. The anchor of ambassador’s show is a definition of an hardworking entity. Even out of his busy schedule, he’s created time to help me in the best way I can.  Early this semester, I was really weighed down(that I won’t divulge now till when its right), I felt I needed someone to wake me up. I actually knew what I was passing through wasn’t some big deal thingy that I should be so weighed down but Prince made me realize there are lot of great things in life itself only if I create a better perspective out of it. I really can’t say it all(cos I’m very bad in quoting people word for word) but I must confess PJ has tried in my life. It was this same man that realized my flair for broadcasting, through that he linked me up to the On Stage programme on Lag fm, I can’t say it all. One thing I know for real is that “he’s passionate about youths”.
God would use you to cause a change to our generation.

·         Igbinedion Efosa: I don’t know where I’d start from but its best I start from anywhere (LOL). Aside the fact that Efosa has this notion of “I(Deb) have a question to ask” whenever I ping him on BBM. I must confess that nobody can accommodate me as much as Efosa did. I’m actually very bad when it comes to getting in touch with people except I need to get an information urgently or whatever!. This guy is always there. Personally, I worry a lot but Efosa would give you reasons why you should ease yourself off the worries and do what’s right. I really wish I could tap some anointing from this scholar, believe me he’s a bookish guru.
Greater achievements in Jesus name, we’d meet at the top.

·         Taiwo Florence: My sisteh from another mother. She’s always been there through the heartbreaks, financebreaks(brokenness). I love this girl(hey you! Don’t blush). No matter how distance(hostel) tries to tear us apart, our gist is always up to date, hehe!. Ahmean!, there’s nothing we kent tell each other. Bae is real, she’s so down to earth. I love her to pieces.
God’s ultimate blessing is all I pray for you.

·         Oladokun Basheerah:  is The only married friend I’ve got at the moment. Believe me,  I and this babe has fought countless times, infact some people could be wishing we break up but na lie!.  She’s been My seat mate(from year 1 till date), and I’ve been her stylist from year 1 till  date,  abeg e easy?. There are times a lecturer could be teaching and its either I distract her or she does. The height of it is when the lecturer is boring, bash would draw me in her book or I do either. (I don’t wanna post pictures but you just have to believe that. ). Its this beautiful babe that’s always taught me to put my trust In God by always ensuring I say “by God’s grace”. I say things with confidence ignoring that(I believe in God o, don’t get it twisted), but she always lay emphasis on “By God’s grace”.
I’ve always heard gists of how some relationships turn sour because a friend got married, thereby, she believes she’s on a high level something (abeg am I the only one who’s heard that?) but my own Bash has never, as in never ever done that. I don’t even feel as if she’s married. She’s that close friend that never forgets gists because she loves gists.  Lest I forget, she has a forgiving heart. There are times I do wrong to her, personally I know o but somehow we just make up, I love you Bash.
May God in his infinite blessing grant you your heart desires and always make you happy.

·         Obaribirin Shola: always believes in me irrespective of how silly I can be. Those moments when you’re pondering about this life and the next thing you hear are words of encouragement. Dude is good. He’s also challenged me academically, the thing just be like jazz.  Regardless of the countless times I step on his toes, somehow, we still get back to the track of friendship.
God bless you for been there for me Shoalz

·         Bolaji Olabisi: I think I’m  blessed with a coursemate turned school mother, this bae makes me feel like some little girl. She could be out all day while I lay my lazy ass on bed and she’d still ask if I’ve eaten. Bisi is so nice to a fault. She does things that I kent do. That’s when I start springing wicked advice like ”you displease yourself to please people too much, you should stop it”. Bisi does that a lot. Personally, I can’t except you mean the world to me (I’d think about it xef before I can). This bae is hardworking, hustler lomo, her only rest time is at night and that’s because nature calls. I love this girl, she’s helping me develop this habit of checking on people(I’m very bad at it). Bisi would leave school for home and once she gets home, she’d call me(Biko! Am I not the one who’s meant to call). She’s sweet and I’m glad I have her as a roomie, coursemate,  friend.
One prayer for you:  God would bless you and bring to fulfillment all your heart desires.

·         Yemi Ajagbe: I must confess, the Opeyemi’s in my life are sweet. My padi has always been there for me from day 1. I kent say it all before I start writing “epistle of John”(abeg which time we wan finish that one). I can’t forget early this year, something happened some weeks to exams. I couldn’t read, It was that bad. My bestie was there for me, he really tried in my life.
One thing I can say for sure is that “my bestie always know how to do it right”. 
 I love you and (in nosa’s voice), I go always pray for you.

·         Omidirepo Opeyemi: is another sweet version in my life. The only bae that calls me “snipper”, my friend, sister., wife – to – be. Abeg! She’s so understanding, infact *beats chest* she’s one good girl I know (ah! I can’t tell that gist here).  Ope is that friend who if you need some genuine advice, (in wande coal’s voice) she’d give it to you double. That’s one reason I actually don’t find it hard spilling some things to her, she’s a good friend to have but I’m sorry, I can’t share her with anyone. Believe me, I can do anything within my power for her because she’s worth it.
Thanks for been there for me honey, God would always make you happy.

Ehoghie Regina: would forever be in my memories. I've always had passion for makeup, even before i was a make-up artist, i think i tried small(LOL). She developed my skills in make up and still remain my boss in the beauty world. She's a challenge to me. Personally, i love challenges, it makes me aim to always get there. She's so down to earth, blunt and money'ish. She's a buisness woman. 
Thanks for impacting that knowledge in me, God bless you Gina.

·         Campus Express Team: this team helped me develop my writing skills. Somehow you’re challenged to do something different, think out of the box. At a point in time, it was as if I was dealing with another course entirely. This team helped me achieve a bit of my dreams (through writing). I still have copies of my published works, that alone does me tinini Tanana.
By his grace, Campus Express would be recognized in all educational institutions worldwide.

·         On Stage Programme: After I went for an audition for nitelife TV, I realized I had this love for presenting. I loved my voice more, and then I found myself in this family. If you’re a kind of person that loves been alone or segregating yourself from others, then you’re not meant to be in this family. You just have to blend because that’s where genuine love comes in. Mr. Ibrahim was a tough man (in the right sense) because he was really strict in enlightening us about the nitigrities involved in broadcasting. Regardless of the fact that I’ve been MIA due to academic ishes (particularly project), I miss being on air.
Just one prayer for the family, we’d meet at the top. And for Mr. Ibrahim, God bless you for creating a change in our lives.

I'm sorry i didn't post pictures. Believe me its not easy doing that. One reason i'm yet to post other pictures from my departmental week.
Take care darlings.
Have a lovely weekend ahead.

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  1. Humbled and Honoured to be in this list. I hail you oo my precious Deb,one of the Naughtiest being ever crafted. God bless and keep you for ages.