Thursday, 18 July 2013


Ladies! I know some guys would troop in here *rme* but never mind. I got great tips for us on how to impress that our crush*winks*. You need that attention of your crush? no worries sis, i got it all. Enjoy!

Stay on top of current events

Hoping to impress your crush? Easy! Tune in to the news, and be aware of what's happening around the world mostly on entertainment gists. If you're like me who finds it hard watching news on TV or listening to raypower fm news. Common what is Linda Ikeji's blog doing or why is Unilag Express so stucked up with gists. I'd rather get all the gists i need through my phone than sit close to the TV cos You and I never want to be that awkward girl out in a conversation because you have absolutely no idea what everyone else is talking about. Men like a woman with some substance. Plus, nowadays, social media especially twitter makes it easier than ever to keep abreast of current events, so really there is no excuse. Do yourself a favor though — if you're not knowledgeable on a subject, don't fake it. Be honest, curious and express a genuine interest in learning more. This will go over much better than getting caught blabbing on a topic you're clearly clueless about.
Expert Tip: "Check out accurate blogs like Unilag Express, Linda Ikeji's, Bella Naija and others every day and read the first paragraph of each major news story. "Get an idea of what is happening in the world so when a conversation comes up you can add something and not just sit there and be blank. We don't expect you to know everything, but in life, knowledge is power."

Ask intelligent questions

A surefire way to boost any guy's ego and convince him that you're seriously one smart cookie is by asking intelligent questions you're positive he can answer. For example, let's say he has a pretty unique job: Come up with a clever way to find out more about what he does, while getting the conversation really flowing as well. Be a good listener, and remember to take an active part in the discussion. Witty commentary will likely earn you extra bonus points, as long as it's not at his expense, of course!
Expert Tip: Listen more than you talk, as 50 percent of communication is listening. If a guy says something that is confusing when he's describing his job or passion, ask for more details.  "Men like a woman who is interested in our passions and how we spend our days. It turns us on and makes us feel that you are the cool chick that every guy wants and we have."

Be yourself

One of the most important pieces of advice i can provide you is to simply be yourself. Guys can't help it when a girl acts fake. Don't view a date as a test you need to study for and perform your best on. You'll only come off as sounding unnatural or too practiced and end up flopping. For peace sake, that's not a job interview that you have to get yourself so well prepared. Heck, he might even think you're too smart! If worst comes to worst, he's not into it. And in that case, there are plenty of other fish in the sea that will love, respect and appreciate you for who you are! Ok! im speaking too mush grammer, and in our own words "plenty fishes dey river"
Expert Tip: "Be yourself, but imagine that you are 10 times bolder to boost your self-confidence,".

Talk sports

Yea! guys love football. .  Do you consider yourself a huge sports fan? If so, you're in luck! A great way to get in good with practically any guy is having the ability to talk sports. Strike up a lighthearted conversation about the current game going on, and don't be afraid to offer up your own informed opinion. The key word here is informed though, because if you aren't actually, well, you'll just look silly. Note that you should avoid disturbing them while a match is going on. Football over the girls.
Expert Tip: "Know your home team, and how they've been doing over the past few years. "Remember: a little bit of sports information goes a long way with us cavemen."
Conclusively, put on a smile. Your face would look like sshit! when you put on a straight face. Laugh when necessary. The last time i checked, we don't pay bills for that, so don't manage that smile or laugh. Trust me! he'd get so into you and call you up for another date. 
Yea sisters, i rest my case for now and for that bro that sneaked in*learn to listen to simple instruction*.  
I hope we grabbed few tips or all. Stick to it, work on it and feel free to thank me later. If you feel you have other tips to help another confused sister out, hit the comment box or inbox me on Love y'all and have a great weekend ahead. *kisses*