Monday, 15 July 2013

DO MORE by Oyiborume Stephen

 Last week saturday. Stephen (my Young Prof) dropped this wonderful piece. Steph's also a student of University of Lagos, my agile Class Rep Of life :) , hardworking. His willingness towards putting everything in place gained him an award 'Up and Doing'. Below is Steph's article. (Pls feel free to comment)
When others exist - you live.
When others hear - you listen.
When others agree - you co-operate.
When others talk - you communicate.
When others grow - you bloom.
When others spend - you invest
When others think - you plan and create.
When others work - you excel.
When others share - you give.
When others decide - you discern.
When others consider - you commit.
When others forgive - you forget. When others help - you serve.
When others co-exist - you reconcile.
When others dream - you do.
When others see - you perceive.
When others read - you apply.
When others receive - reciprocate.
When others choose - you focus.
When others. Wish - you believe.
When others advise - you help.
When others speak - you impact.
When others encourage - you inspire.
When others add - you multiply.
When others change - you improve.
When others reach - you stretch.
When others ponder - you pray.
When others just live - you live for Jesus.
Because he is the alpha and omega. You can live and DO MORE THAN WHAT PEOPLE DO.
As Human being, we are like an 'ELASTIC' and until we are stretched.... We can never be useful. DO MORE.


  1. This is really a nice one...... Carry on great facilitators...... May wisdom never depart from your path, like great men of old........... (king David) you will excel above your peers...
    @ the auspicious me......... This is just the beginning of greatness for you...... Your blog will go places...........

  2. Yea! Wisdom and a good one indeed. That's jes a bit from Steve. I'm proud of him :)
    awwww!and a big AMEN to that prayer .

  3. thankx 2u all, i will never let u down nd by the special grace of God we shall all go places
    @Mc celebrity i see u !!! and to my able auspy God bless you.......youngprof.

  4. Nice one there steve, please keep it up dear......we need intelligent people like u to uplift the name of our course......greatest facilitators!!!!!

  5. Steph ma man I believe in u n I knw u ll get dere,dz is jes d beginning,more power to ur elbow