Wednesday, 10 July 2013

DEAR FUTURE HUSBY posted by Odeniran Deborah Olamide


    Baby, I know you're somewhere out there, either stupidly in love with that girl,crushing on her, heart broken or jejeli searching for me... No worries hon, I'm keeping myself safe for you.

And if we've actually met and you've so friend-zoned me. No problem, the Lord would open your eyes.
As for me, In celine dion's voice 'I'll be waiting for you here inside my heart..........'
 Before setting P', take note of all I need in my man. If you keep disturbing me and I tell you NO, this segment's enough to let you know if you are deemed fit to be my man or not.

1. SUCCESS STORY: this' one part I really take P. On a serious note, i don't joke with the part of praying for I and future husby when it comes to being successful. You just gats be hardworking and hopefully successful with ease. I owe my kids the good things of life, best childhood experience, best school, shopping spree et all. Infact, anything that'd make them keep wishing that in their next world, they still wanna have us as parents. You really can't win my heart if 'sleep's your hubby. I know a dude who can sleep for Africa even during the day, office hours. No offence though, but really I can't go down fine with such lazy ass.

2. PATIENT and GOOD CHARACTER: Yea! I can be so stewpeedly annoying at times. But as the man you just have to take things calm. I really can't deal with a bossy dude. You have your say as the man, As your lady I also have my say. Freedom of speech! We have to deliberate on the house rules.

3. CARING, GOODCOOK and ROMANTIC: this' one of the important part I always pray for. I don't want a care free dude. I should own that huge space in your life that'd make you really care 'bou me. Between you really have to be a good cook, Relax Nigga! I'm not turning you to a chef. My point is you should be useful in the kitchen. Little help in the chores matter. I don't want an old fashioned dude that'd always wanna hit the lovey sexy dovey part of our lives on bed. Nah! You just have to learn how to do it
everywhere, anywhere in the house, kitchen, bathroom.

4. HEIGHT,GOODLOOKS and ABS: this' one physical aspect I really take serious. On a serious note, I love tall dudes with built body, broad chest, madt Abs. That's just the sexy part 'bou guys. There's still time to get it fixed up 'cos like seriously the petite me gats feel safe beside my man. I really can't help it seeing guys without waist on pant trousers, that shii's nauseating. That aside, drop sagging for 'em the boys, you don't walk up to me like someone they just released from Alagbon *prison* and expect me to think you look responsible. If you aint tall, there's still hope for the future,eat beans, drink beans, sleep beans xef. I can't deal with a tiny dude, big up, screw out that broad chest and if you have that madt Abs already, keep doing it baby. Don't mind what any freaking being's saying, if they don't like Abs, I love it, your lady loves it.

5. MEN ALSO LABOUR: Yea! This' one compulsory aspect future husby must get himself involved in.
Before I proceed, we need just two kids (a girl and a boy), if the worse should happen, our third child would be a mistake.

You cum, I cum, you discharge your fluid in me, conception occurs.
I pass through the nine months stage alone, we pass through the labour together. No offence!.
 The 'for better for worse' we promised each other ain't gon be based on hardtimes. Infact! That labour stage gaaaan is one of the hardtimes we're gon face together. You must be with me in the labour room. I can't pass through the pains alone, I don't have to tell you tales of how the labour session was, we'd both experience it.
You'll watch me force the baby out and If worse comes to worse, I tear your polo, draw your ears, bite you hard, hit you hard while forcing my baby out. That's not enough compared to the pain I passed through in the past nine months.
The way I treat you with all the pains in me at that moment should be enough to serve as a reminder the next time you wanna get into me that we're ain't going beyond two babies.

6. PLAYFUL: This' the naughty aspect I've always imagined where we'd act as kids, play around, drop our kids with granny or any relative closeby and have the fun all to ourselves. No baby would diminish the love we have. That moment where we'd hit the rocky part of us to the tune of music just to kill those serious hectic times we've spent at the office.

Conclusively, I want a peaceful home. Genotype's also that important something we must take serious.
Above all, crusher's discretion is adviced.
I rest my case!.


  1. Nice one my daughter. I'm proud of you cupcake. *come and hug mummy* Hian! And that's how you finally published it. @your no 4 (LMAO)ashawo girl. And at your no1, I hope *******
    I'm still eargerly chilling for our dearest Mr. Shoalz's own o. *proudgirl*

  2. Nice one!everyone is looking forward for their future partner cos is only God dat knows d past,d present relationships and d future ones.....May thy Lord lead us through d right path.Amen.

  3. Great ! Lady good points well noted .........................its necessary