Thursday, 18 July 2013

FOR HOW LONG? posted by Odeniran Deborah

 Smiling and confident young woman sitting in car'Lord I must be successful, i need a car soon' was what went through my thoughts in this bus.
 My experience in those rickety Oyingbo Enroute Orile bus and Coasters is enough.
Yea! I board them 'cos that's the only means and shortest route from school to home.
 I could be naggy at times but reallly? for how long do I wanna put on that straight face just to avoid other carefree passengers look to my face and tell me to adjust even when obviously there's no space to do that. Within me, I'd be like you should have told me to pay and just hang rather than sit with half of my ass.
The most annoying aspect is when those fat assed market women hurriedly give a fake smile once you enter and be like 'oya my daughter come sidon here now' . And within me 'Na so? Shey I enter motor make una squeeze me finish like stock fish. Huh!'.
I'd prefer sitting close to the window than squeeze the little me  .
Now I'm tired. I'm tired of sitting close to passengers that'd doze off, can't control their head and jes keep hitting me. Restless naughty cute Babies aint exempted, the ones that'd drag your hair and scratch your face with saliva all over their hand not minding their mom's warning and i end up turning and giving that fake broad smile *even when within me, on a normal ground I can spank your ass for that*.
Arguing with conductors is just that sick aspect of it. I really try to avoid speaking pidgin when I'm out 'alone', I rap pidgin with my friends, you don't wanna hear me speak it but when I'm out I speak english 'cos I believe 'you aint just addressed the way you are dressed but also the way you present yourself'.
But these ever ready Idontcare agressive conductors wouldn't respond to stimuli unless you show them that razz part of you and for real I'm not proud down to cashy aspect. Never!. My 30# change means a lot 'cos unilag cab drivers wee not hear story.
Most times I make sure I split my money to avoid disturbing conductors for change. That shii makes me feel weak. But for real how long do I wanna do this. I'm tired. I still have a year left in school from badAndAngry(badagry) to Akoka.
I know how comfortable I'd feel in my ride and for real I know how naughty I'd turn out to be on wheels. I could be jittery at times but would never mind overtaking that car :p. Right now I wish I could explore 'cos ASUU strike aint helping issues. I need my car :).
Thanks for the read, this' just the best way I can ease my thoughts.


  1. @opeyemitinuade19 July 2013 at 02:24

    Love dis post debby Sniper

  2. @opeyemitinuade19 July 2013 at 02:24

    Love dis post debby Sniper

  3. Lmao...welcome on board bae...honestly,u shud av used d bus as d photo caption..dah bus is hell mehn!

    1. LOL.......Choi! That's true o. Anyways, That's why we need a car. :)

  4. welcome to the club! the piece reminds me of my group page lifestyle unveiled on FB. strive.