Sunday, 6 December 2015

Social Media Craze (Series 1)

Hi darlings,,,, it's been a Lil while yeah?.  Sure your weekend was a great one for you.  Hope the Harmattan ain't so gheghen at your end there?.  The Harmattan here is so intense that I really can't wait to get back home..... 
So we're starting our social media series today and I'm gonna have a featured post from amaka of very soon, you guys should check her blog out,  she's doing a great job there.  She gave a suggestion through her comment in the previous post where I introduced the SM  series and I just couldn't ignore that nice idea cos twas so thoughtful of her to drop that.... ... Between I spoke with her yesterday and gosh! she sounded so great on phone. 
Today's SM craze is gon start with facebook.
Yeah!  Facebook :) .  Big ups to Mark Zuckerberg for this,  he innovated the platform in a small way and it went far beyond what he thought..... Great job innit?. 
Believe me when I say Facebook has and is still the biggest means of connect to old friends / schools mates / course mates and perhaps business partners. 
People have met through this platform and even got married,  I've had the opportunity to meet wonderful friends through this platform (plus those I've not even met one -  on -  one)  but then I feel limits should be applied to everything we do.... So,  below are my views about facebook

What's On Your Mind?
The first thing I see on my time line —>"What's on my mind"  makes me go all "grrrrrrrrrrr"  and I wonder if my friends / followers  really care to know what's on my mind?.
Do they really care ?.... Can they even deal with what's on my mind??.  Wait!  Can they even help or they'd worsen it up with their comments??? ".  Trust me,  My thoughts doesn't need the views of over 500 strangers  but you see,  some people don't give a hoot. LOL.  Those ones who post every  activity going on in their life(LOL ),  the ones who'd post" Elegushi beach innabit ", "I just had an accident,  you people shuu thank God for me"  (so many grammarians on facebook) but wait!  Why summarize it?.... We need the details  in full cos some of your friends will definitely drop a comment of "how did it happen? ",  the one I find so nauseating is, when of all things  to think of while you're sick,  the best thing that's so thoughtful of you to do is upload a post on Facebook telling your friends,  perhaps the ones that care to "please pray for me,  I'm critically I'll " and yes!  They'd attach the location of the hospital address(should in case a thoughtful stranger/ friend from Facebook wanna check on them,  right).
I love it when I see people put up thoughtful posts on Facebook,  more about Nigeria,  political thoughts,  Prayer for Nigeria,  motivational thoughts but the generation of today has chosen to go it's own way. 
Dislike Button  Please
Truth  is "if the dislike button  is installed on Facebook,  I'd make good use of it",  especially for situations where ladies post almost nude pictures of their oranges struggling to pop out of that tight blouse.  I mean what are you liking?.  How does that pass a message across? ..... Funny enough,  raunchy pictures are the ones that has more comments and liiiiikes.  You'd see comments like "I love what I see",  "baby,  you're so hooot"  gosh!.  "baby you're so blessed that you wanna make me go blind".  I see these comments everywhere.

Don't Tag Me
Please don't tag me if I'm not in that picture,  Please don't tag me if you don't know me and perhaps we might never ever meet....
Please don't tag me if you just uploaded a selfie of you in that picture except I photo bombed,  except you're my cousin / sister / date / father / mother......
Please don't tag me if that post is uneducative,  not godly,  not thoughtful,  not motivating..... 

Please don't tag me with 70 more people cos all the comments fly into my notification......

 Please don't tag me to a post that has to do with the hike in fuel price cos my comments wouldn't even reduce the price of garri let alone fuel...... 

Please don't tag me to a picture of you on abs,  that's the one I totally dislike, I don't know you and my comments ain't needed........
Just don't tag me,,,, "thou shouldest not taggeth me" if it's not related to the aforementioned points.

Don't Thank Me
Have you experienced this situation where someone sends a request.  You add the person up and the next thing you see is a notification that this person posted on your wall saying "thanks for accepting my friend request"  or "thanks for choosing me as  your friend".
Why????  Why do we need to start thanking people for accepting your request?. Really?  Am I  the only one who experience this?. 

I Don't Come Online To chat
I wish the inbox message part of Facebook can be selected for specific friends.  I don't do much on Facebook,  I only scroll through my time line,  like posts, I  rarely comment on Facebook except I'm replying comments on my pictures or comment on personal friend pictures.
Spending more time on Facebook is war cos some people assume that your job while you're online is to chat.  Some months back,  I was always on Facebook from 10 am to 4pm  cos I had to upload posts on the page of the company where I work but most people think this bae just came online to play,  reply comments and chat. .... 

At times,  I try to sound nice saying "I'd try to chat with you later,  pls I'm busy at the moment",  the next question I get is busy doing what?.  That question just wanna make me ask this question " does your chat with me increase my account balance? " or "make any impact in my life" .  I'm not against the fact that you meet very cool people on Facebook but can these friends try to be understanding that I don't come online to chat all the time.. If I'd get a company who'd pay me well in terms of being their site Administrator and social media handler,  trust me I'd barely have time replying comments sef cos I'm only making the good use of social media to earn my own money..

Can We Be Friends? 

This is one of the silliest questions I've been asked on Facebook.  You're automatically my friend on Facebook right from the moment I accepted your request... Don't use that means in going further wanting to know more about me.  You wanna know more about me,  please check my profile.  I'm not always less busy to tell more of me to you.  

Why call Me?
Some of my friends complain so much about these Facebook free call thingy.  I've never experienced it and I don't really wanna experience it...... Mostly when you call me during odd hours, that friend won't find it cool with me o.
I'm not trying to make it seem as if Facebook or other social media platform are bad but you could make out something good from it. 

One of the reasons I lost a job early this year was because, during an interview I was asked to give accurate details of the number of friends I have on Facebook,  BBm and Whatsapp,  then followers on Twitter.  The number I gave then was so discouraging especially on Facebook cos I used to be so  choosy when it comes to accepting people's request,  I first screen through your profile before I add you up but truth is if you wanna work more on social media and earn money from those platforms,  you need to have so many friends.... As many friends and followers as possible. Since then,  I need not read your profile,  I just accept as I dey see that request.
A friend of mine told me of how he lost being the blackberry ambassador in UNILAG because he didn't have many friends on Facebook even despite the fact that he had over 1000 friends..... This post isn't intended  to bring out the negativities about Facebook but to create this insight that you could get something doing on social media,  something more impact full and of course meaningful .
So what are those things you've achieved through this platform?.  Are you one of those who met your partner on Facebook?.  Have you gotten pissed off with one of the aforementioned points?.  Do drop your comments,  I really care to know.
Have a lovely week ahead dearies .
I still remain Debra :)

Ghehen -  serious
 thou shouldest not taggeth me -  you should not tag me


  1. Lamo...����������... Social media is great and all right but then tell the Nigerian govt who is planing to "change" things by putting band on its usage and turning us to some Islamic country where you can even google ish. Simply because they used it against their opponents in the last election, they want to make sure it can't be used against them since the have no "change" for the better��

    1. Loool.... They won't succeed in doing that. I saw it on Twitter that some people are gon protest against that today. Just as Okonjo said "It is impossicant", totally impossicant. They can't gag our views through that.

  2. Ahn Ahn see how Deb just washed me with hypo and koinkoin irin (I hope I got that right).
    You see this Facebook ehn, sometimes I contemplate on whether I should deactivate my account or not because of the level of razzness there but then, I think it's a fall out of the type of friends I add. I even reached the limit of 5000 friends there(that coy should come and make me an ambassador, my face fine small, make up will perfect the rest) so recently, I had to start deleting and blocking people.
    You didn't mention the people that will add you to some bloodcat group?? Imagine someone adding me to a group where they share chokes for WAEC, abeg wetin concern agbero with overload?? I warn and remove myself and if you try it again, I'll just block your scrawny ass.
    That free call thing, I guess some people just got the epiphany hence the abuse.
    The stupid comments nko?? Gosh!! Imagine I posted a picture of a late friend and I wrote the whole eulogy, someone still had the guts to ask me if she died, I said no, she is taking a nap.
    These days, I don't have time. Once I screen your profile and it doesn't make sense, I delete the request, especially now that my dad has joined fb.

    1. Yeah! You got it(koinkoin irin) right.... Hahaha! See question?..... I love that response you gave the dude. Chai! I'd add that one now sef.... I have so many groups that I can't even get myself out if they see. The thing tire me
      Loool.... Don't screen profile all the time o, people meet their future husby on social media now. Lool

  3. Okkkkaaaaayy! Hiya Deborah! i must say that this post is not a joking STurvzz eh sm sam! Asin SomeboRRy must have really struck a nerve in your BeauRRiful boRRy. Oya pour Small waRRa on your BoRRy Nne iKid.. You Do know eezz never that serious nah nne.. I mean.. its called 'Social media" and hence people come to Socialise..and some OVER SOCIALISE Sef. but Hey! I think we should just let Time and Chance teach them.. I mean we all were at a point like them nah.. Posting details of our lives.

    There are however some that make one Cringe and i am like I will Give You Facebook Slap oh! heheh But Ignore is key!

    That being said.. I looovve how you pointed out the major highs of the social media Bubba.. I guess at the end yeah.. its all a Pro's and Con's thingy.. :) Thanks for sharing Nne.. This was an interesting read and the crowd goes Yyyaaggaaa!

  4. Facebook calls....gosh! Thanks for accepting my request thingy and FB msgs, I totally can relate with this. The inbox message and call this g drives me crazy. I had to block three people for attempting to call Mr and send stupid messages and silly pictures. Ennycole.