Friday, 25 December 2015

Lessons 2015 Has Taught Me

It's 5 days countdown to the new year already .  I feel I'm growing older already cos instead if feeling too excited about the new year,  I give myself this  quick flashback on how the outgoing year has been for me. 

Yes!  A lot of us must have been down in so many ways.
  Emotionally,  some of us must have had our hearts not just broken but smashed into pulverized pieces all in the name of love (have you picked up the pieces and moved on?  Or you're still dwelling on that? ),  worry less,  2016 is gon be a lit year. Ye shall be proposed to and meet the flesh of ya flesh,  the bones of your bones,  ye shall meet the one who'll make people wag their tongues like "how did you guys do it"? . 
Financially, you must have been broke to the extent that a friend says "you no dey always get money,  Heaven will fall the day you'll have ".  (someone's told me that already o,  don't think I framed it up ).  I didn't get angry that the person told me that,  I'll only get angry if I don't prove him wrong.( Na 19k8 dey cause that rubbish naa,  I was tsha working before NYSC decided to re arrange my pocket with their stipends as allowee.)  The response I gave the person was" God will cause a change and heaven will fall".  All that will happen to you in 2016. Somebody say amen.
I don't mean to go spiritual in this post but y'all must have had a whole lot in the past 360 days.  I won't shy away from that,  I've had a great ordeal in 2015 and it's taught me a lot,  it's helped me act better towards 2016.
2015 has taught me to:
1. Trust In God: I'm not tryna sound like one spirikoko person o but God has proved himself faithful to me throughout this year.  There are times some things work in place for me and I go all "God,  if not for you".
2. Life's Got a Phase: I didn't just graduate from the University of Lagos last year but I graduated from the daughter who's always entitled to monthly allowee from her father to the one who's got to work for every dime she gets.  I didn't realize life was hard until I faced it.  E nur easy o.  You don't know brokenness till you experience it.  One of the reasons I had to apply for jobs even before I was through with my final exams in  school cos I just couldn't imagine life with no job,  monthly allowee and a 0 bank account. 
3. Work Hard; spend wisely : I was privileged to work in a mag firm from March to June coupled with another unstable part time job as a site admin for another firm alongside a part time tutorial class (3 in 1 kinda Job,  right? ).  The part I wish I could make good use of was the fact that I squandered my money anyhow.  I was nice to almost everyone cos the cash was there. 
4. You're living A Life "Of Your Own" : It seems I've experienced a whole lot of Ishes in this life but I  still think I've experienced zilch.  From the little things I've noticed,  everyone lives for himself.  Either your father is Dangote or Otedola,  learn to hustle for yourself. It pays..
5. Never Do Too Much For Love Till You're Sure: Guess I've told y'all I'm a terrific stalker.  LOL.  I snooped my ex so much that I saw Lotta things my hands can't type here.  Emotionally I was casted down but you see,  every disappointment has got a blessing in disguise.  At that point,  I learnt a lot.  I got over him in the best way I could and I'm glad it turned out well for me,  perhaps! The both of us(that's a post for another day.  Ladies watch out.  LoL).
6. Never Smile While Having Business Deals : I just had to caption it this way,  smile while talking with your business partner / client  but don't smile when giving your price.  I was once cheated by this IBO woman in ebonyi,  ah IBO people,  I give Una hand o.  Infact she slapped the sense out of my brain that when I realized I was cheated,  I burst into real tears. I just couldn't deal.  That kinda tears that when you talk,  one can barely hear your words.  Shii was real mhen and then  I realized, "familiarity" was the major reason I was cheated on.  Did I collect the money?.  No I didn't.  Even though I'm not a rich girl ,  I get class.
7. Helping People Should Be Your Greatest Joy: from giving that JJC a well detailed description to where he's heading to and standing up for that old man/lady to sit should be your greatest joy.  You don't have to do much just to satisfy people.  Those little gestures are what really matters.  They might seem as nothing to you but is of great value to whoever you helped.  I feel happy when I hear people thank me for every little thing I've done for them,  I'd do more if I can. 
8. Get The Best Outta Nothing : most of us know NYSC is a waste of time and the best way I could make good use of the 1 year compulsory programme was learn a skill.  I recall a friend saying "if not for NYSC,  beads is the last thing Debbs will be so serious with ". I Learnt and I'm still learning beads.  That brings nothing other than greater joy to me mostly when people marvel at my works.  Oya patronize me in 2016. Loool
9. We Find Love In a Hopeless place : this is just to say a big thank you to the most amazing sibling and friends  who's made 2015 worth it.  Thanks MI Amor,  you've been awesome ,  Florence has been more than a friend sef.  GOD bless you,  Mrs Kay God bless you , Bash I love you,  Eyitayo God bless you,  Dan my NYSC boo God shall make you happy,  Femi God bless you,  NCCF Nkpa sub zone shall flourish ,  Ade my unseen boo God bless you,  Peejay thanks for those inspiration ,  Jeezy my love for you shall never die.  GOD bless and make you happy,  Bisi my love,  God keep and make you happy,   Bisayo thanks for motivating me God bless you,  Mary Adeola God bless you,  Sunmy God bless and make you great .  You guys mean a lot to me.  Thanks to these awesome  bloggers turned friends  Duru God bless you,  Amaka of life God bless and make you great,  Ugo thanks for always stopping by,  God bless you,  lekhan God bless you.  Diary of a naija mom,  God bless you.,  ENNY Cole,  you are great. 
To the terrific writers that has featured their posts on my blog in 2015, thanks for easing me off the thoughts of what to post.  MORE anointing to your pen,  your work shall take you places.  Thanks and God bless you all. 
To the anonymous commenters,  we want to see your face more and ye shall be recognised  in 2016,  God bless you. 
Love y'all. 
2016 shall be a lot year for us.


  1. Awww see me there *wipes lone tear* I'm glad you were part of my life bae... I love you more than I tell you. I'll change my bad communication skills in 2016.
    The work part ehn, na me gan be legendary hustler but all these skills don't trip me apart from my culinary skills which I'm fine tuning.
    Love, I'm not sure my heart was broken as such but mhen, I made a sacrifice I choose not to regret.
    Permit me to use this as a template for my blog.

    1. Oshe!. Hehe! *blushing *
      Go ahead dear. No wahala

  2. LoL funny read, to picking up the pieces, certainly! 2016 would be better indeed.