Thursday, 24 December 2015

Advertorial :Beads Making

Tell somebody to tell somebody that knows somebody that's a bead lover and would love to train and be better starting from 2016.
HQ beading institute is offering training services at pocket friendly prices for as low as 1000naira. Call 08061373102 & follow @hqbeading on instagram for more enquiries

3 major reasons why i am crazy about beads are:
 1.The awesomeness in d fact that I can transform big n tiny pieces of gemstones n beads into beautiful necklaces,earrings,even dresses, hair adornment, footwear....

2. The fact that these beads have been since time memorial n they have been used to portray African Beauty

3. The cute and classy look it adds to every woman's dressing without having to rob a bank
Well I am one of those people who will rebrand beadmaking in Nigeria, Africa and the world.  So I am inviting as many as are interested to come and join thr moving train of African creativity as we start the new year. Start your beadmaking journey for as low as 1000naira.
More details in the attached image.