Friday, 3 January 2014

Its A Star's Day: Happy Birthday Kuti Olumide

Today marks a new beginning, a new phase of Greatness in another enormous dimension, Another Fresh year of God’s Divine Overflow to a Super-Fantastic Great Poet/Writer and Gift to this world.
 I’ve known Mide for the Past 5 years now and he’s still the best, I mean one Awesome male Friend I can’t do away with “just like that”. Even during tight schedules, he still ensures he drops something for this blog, before I post some of his poems here, I get so inspired and give myself that deep thought.
When I was AWOL on this blog, we planned making it BIG( if not for time schedules, school et al).
“LOST ME” is just one of my favorite poem. 
Mide is a dude that can make you laugh even amidst that pain, ONE Gregarious entity that’s so down to earth, he’s that Friend Indeed that we all need, that ever-ready actor that’d unconsciously act a scene right there with you and you’d be gushed right there, lost for words.One big reason I’m his number 1 fan.
I’d trade you for a 100 of friends I know, you’re that big heart behind this blog, If time could permit me, I owe you thousands of posts dedicated to you on this blog. I just can’t scribble everything about the AWSOME YOU here ‘cos I’m lost of words.  
Just one word. I see THE GREAT MAN in you ‘cos we don’t do low-classed people. We’ve been rocking life for the past 5 years as friends, we’d rocks 80 years and above. Ogbon Ogbon Odun o.
I just know that someday, I and Abbey would do it BIG and organize a Surprise Bash for you. You rock hon, Love you tons.
A Happy Birthday to this Colleague, star, Poet, Author, Director.

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