Friday, 24 January 2014


“Why is this? It just always ends wrong” I complained as I raised my sad face to my mother’s waiting eyes. I could hear my father hitting metals together behind the house.
“Stop counting irrelevant history son. You need to deliver your mind” she urged
“Even if I choose to stop noticing, it kicks me in the face”.  I nagged on

    With no response, she rose from the sofa, grabbed my hand and pulled me along with her. We stepped out through the front door as we made our way to the back of the house where father was working. 
She stared at father awhile, and then she spoke
“It’s not about thinking positive child; it’s what your right is”
I looked at her, puzzled but couldn’t help notice she kept staring at father work. It was this moment I realized father had being repeating the same action over and over again since we stood. He will dip the metal in the fire, leave it awhile, brings it out, hits it with a huge and undoubtly heavy sledge hammer, stares at the metal for some seconds then dips it back into the fire. Though I was not finding this view funny anymore but I managed to ask father.

“How will you know if it’s ready? The metal is going through so much heat.”
Father tilted up his black shades, smiled at me and said,
“When it is ready. It will bring out my reflection if I look at it”
Then mother looked at me,
“That what God does. He makes you go through the heat that you may reflect His image in the long run. 
You have not started living son, until you realize that you are an expression of Christ on earth.”
I shivered at the words, as silent tears rolled down my cheeks.
…Myrrh School of Hearts

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