Wednesday, 22 January 2014

IF I COULD NAME YOU posted by Kuti Olumide

If I could name you
What alphabet would I combine?
If i could name you
What morpheme would I release?
If I could name you
What word can I use?

The glory in thy perfection
The mystery of your compassion
The splendor of your majesty
The unfathomable knowledge of the holy one
How can I describe you?

Just like a woman knowing her man will constantly cheat yet married her
You desire to have a relation with me
What sort of love is this?
You are ever magnificent, changeless, ageless, blameless savior
That choose to reside in a common body of an unworthy me
How can I understand your humility?

If I could name you
If I could describe you
If I could understand you
What will I utter?

…Myrrh school of Hearts

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