Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Hello Friends, A GoodMorning / afternoon/ evening to you (whichever time you find yourself reading this. Well, aint got much to say. In one word i've actually missed blogging (a bit) but NO THANKS to the tedious school work. Seems as if i haven't experienced "the rigours of school activities all this while". ASUU coupled up the stress for us due to the freaking Perrenial strike which lasted for 6 months, i mean SIX MONTHS, Oshu mefa. Deborah Olamide      
   Haven't been able to perform my duties on here 'cos of the little time i had to devote to my academics, at this point, it is little time, more tasks. From my Mini - Project on to the Report Speech down to the Literacy School ish coupled with gearing hard to read up the bulky 10 courses for my forthcoming exams. In one word, UNILAG choked me up and is still choking me up 'cos ain't done with my exams till the mid of february.
       Regardless of all that, i'd still drop something here.
2014 is still on, we should be thankful to our creator and positive minded to any plans or tasks we are on to. For regular readers on here, you'd have taken note of my THANK THANK THANK to GOD article.
well, that's just me. 2014 is a year to DO it. I mean even my the initial of my name partially deals with the word "DO" (Deborah Olamide), i realized that yesterday and i feel this is our own special year of VICTORY and FULFILLMENT.

 We should not expect all to be so rosy 'cos you'd definitely have your fair share of that disappointment this time but your Victory is determined on how fast you jump back to your feet. I've even had my fair share of it recently and the VICTORIOUS me is up.
        Conclusively, stop talking about it, start taking command over it . In one word, action speaks louder than voice. Do have a fullfilled week and remain blessed.
(A big Thank You to those who still check by my blog, i'm gon finally dust the cobwebs soon*after exams*)

Also wanna use this medium to wish that scholar and awesome bae I know "A HAPPY BIRTHDAY". God bless you big hon. Love you to bits.

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