Saturday, 30 November 2013


Yaaaaaaaaay! The new month is here.
 I’m sure we have all reasons to THANK GOD for seeing us through the past months (January – November).
 Indeed, my BIG DADDY is forever faithful and loving to me inspite of all my shortcomings. Sincerely, GOD still remains the best to me ‘cos his baby is just so special to him. Ask the angels *they can attest to that*
30 days countdown to the NEW YEAR and you still haven't gotten that particular  thing you really aimed for?. 
Calm down, you still got 720 hours left. He only wants you to ease your mind off it and leave the rest for him to finalize the best for you. 
God is so full of surprises, he wouldn’t mind giving you a last minute miracle.
‘Nywayz, today is a special Sunday  to me. *iono bou you*.
Being the first Sunday of d month and last 1st Sunday of  the year is enough reaasons for me to dance and jiggle 'em the worries off .
Just wanna use this medium to wish you all a Happy New Month and Glorious Sunday in his presence.  Also, keep beleiving God has a lot in store for you.
Above all, BE THANKFUL. Thank him in anticipation of the BIGGER THINGS he has in store for you within the next 720 hours and all he's done for you in the past months. 

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