Sunday, 24 November 2013

Its been a WHILE

Hi friends, i've been away some weeks back and I apologise for that.  Reason being that i'm on with my teaching practise ( a compulsory course ). I still refuse to get used to the rigors of teaching, Not so easy the way some people think it is, mostly when it comes to dealing with boys (‘cos I was posted a boys only school). Now you should feel my pain!!!.

I try to make good use of the little time I have by sleeping the hell outta the day’s stress, thereby not meeting up with the posts here.
However, I'm gon drop some posts now and I just wanna use this medium to say “a big thanks” to y’all. I still check my pageviews and i'm so impressed with the turnout (regardless of my floppy posts).  A big THANKS to you. I Love y’all (una dey help my career *winks*)

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