Sunday, 24 November 2013

BLESSING IN DISGUISE posted by Odeniran Deborah Olamide

 Many at times,  we expect things to turn out rosy (as planned).  it is easy and kind of normal for you to feel bad at every setback(especially when you gave your “all” in it and never expected it to turn out that way), but have we ever spared some time and gave a thought to it in the other way round (positively)? that such disappointment happened because it wasn’t meant for us or might not actually be the best for us.
    Some people go ahead and try to force it, push it, work on it by all means , making sure it doesn’t fall apart. Mind you,forcing it would make you think that’s the only oppurtunity you have in this whole world. Forcing it would make you settle for less. Pushing it would make you act “limited”(not going beyond that point). Why don’t you just wave off that disappointmment and dance to your forthcomning blessing.  Don’t miss a blessing by looking or focusing on the wrong thing.
Stay in order and things will move smoothly; get out of order and you will run smack-dab into difficulty, or even worse, disaster.
 I know somebody’d be like “huh! Whats this girl saying?.
Fine! I havent experienced anything at all but with my little experience, at every disappointment, I sulked!, promised myself “im gon be fine”even though within me i asked myself ‘why’?.
The bitter truth here is , not untill you realize that the more you focus on your disapppointment, the worse your fate turns out to be.
 The only “big reason” for you to focus on that disappointment is when you are set and so ready to deal with it (disappointment) spiritually, but you getting into your room, locking up yourself, sulking, telling every Dick and Harry who cares to listen would only affect you in all spheres of your life.
Trust me you were so wonderfully made that you ought not to settle for less.
Only when you relax , do things happen. Ease your nerve off the thought of that disappointment and you’d get to see positive results.
I recently heard of a lady who had an extra year in school  coupled with a lecturer’s palavar. She prayed over it and finally graduated. Few months later, she got this this 5 years visa to the UK and scholarship to study abroad.
Now, the point here if some people had been in such position, they would have just screwed up this conclusion that they’d make nothing good out of it ‘cos of the extra year ish.  They’d only push it with the mindset of ‘je kin she bebe’(let me just do it and get off).
Her prayers worked for her in a different way. Made me realize “its not by how far, but how well’, its not by how much you’ve being disappointed but how that blessing is gon turn things around.
Some disappointments are blessings in disguise, in every disappopintment lies something to thank God for. Always thank God for the disappointment, always thank those who disappointed you. Appreciate that it could have been worse, trust that every thing happens for a reason and have faith in blessings in disguise . 

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