Wednesday, 27 November 2013


*inhusedtone* I hope my Dad aint gon see this.
Now people, (clearsthroat)*wearsglasses* Sincerely speaking, some people lack skills*straightface*. if you can't be good sexually, you oughta be a kisseable kisser.
 *InJennifer'svoice* Kissing is a important something for you to act so floppy. *biteme*
 I'm not a pro in kissing o before some peeps would bombard me with mailsssssssss but my point is you gats be good in it.
Kissing is just like the beginning phase OR starting point before the cuming and 'going' thingy. Even if d konji don reach 98%, you will sha kiss before doing the "main thing". (whatever you think the mainthing is*dirtyminds*).
Below are pictures of kissing style that "I" in person can't deal. 

Too Much Tongue

One of the biggest things is to not use too much tongue or too much force. You know what these are? Deal breakers. Too much tongue makes one want to throw up.
Nothing but Pecks
Nothing but pecks. On the contrary, they never use tongue. Instead, they just give you pecks over and over and over again.

 Kisses that are sloppy are pretty self-explanatory. You know what we mean, right? Focus and slowness is the key! We don't like when you try to fit the entire bottom half of our face into your mouth. Sloppy kisses give us the shivers.
 Suffocating Smoochers
I'd call 'em "suffocating smoochers".  Have you ever kissed someone who never seemed to want to come up for air? Great kisses are supposed to leave you breathless, but we don’t think that implies feeling as if we are drowning and you end up jumping outta the fantasy and fighting for air.
The Biter
 The Biter: Sure, the occasional lip bite may be sexy, but if it feels like you’re trying to eat our face, we won’t be leaning in for any more kisses.

Porn Tongue
 *cries* Yeah! Don't do that.
The Vacuum

 Think of having a hand-held vacuum and sticking your lips on it. *LOL*This kind of kiss feels like the person is trying to suck out all the air from your mouth. Totally not sexy, not sensual, just plain horrible. All we can think about during such a kiss is how well they'd clean our floors.

Dead Fish Lips
This is where the person just opens their mouth like a trout and does nothing else like a dead fish lip: no tongue, no lip pressure or movement--nothing. So boring and so gross.
The Lizard
 You've probably come across this one in your lifetime. It's where the person's tongue shoots in and out of your mouth rapidly, like a lizard searching for food.
Too Wet
You know that feeling when saliva is left all over your mouth after you kiss someone? When you have to wipe off your mouth and chin afterwards? It seriously feels as if we just stood in front of a sprinkler. And fellas, that’s not the kind of wet we’re looking for.

Now please and please, its best for you to just be skilled in kissing ehn. I've seen awkward pics of newly wedded couples (particularly the guys). Too much gragra won't make her cum o. Dump gragra for the hustle o.

OK!*pls this musn't get to my dad*
 I'm late for work. Bye!!!!!

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