Monday, 21 October 2013

SOARING OR ROAMING posted by Odeniran Deborah Olamide

  I was alone with my thoughts this morning. Looking up to the sky, i caught a glimpse of an eagle and i wondered on how distinct an eagle is amongst all birds. This made me qualify the life of an eagle to that of a chicken. They are birds but there's this glaring difference between them. Both have got wings but there's a limit at which the chicken can fly not compared to the eagle's.
   Mind you, chickens don't fly, they flap, eagles fly. I tried to merge these two birds with we humans and sincerely, most of us fall within either (eagle or chicken) category. Eagles soar high into the sky, chickens roam about aimlessly. Some people have got traits of an eagle in them but they end up acting like chickens, limiting themselves to fly but would rather be at ease with flapping around because of the people they are surrounded with.

    They find it hard to explore that thing in them, they don't look further because they feel they are around the people they need at that moment. Not until you get to realize and accept the fact that this life "is just one man for himself", not until you realize that you alone got to carry the cross of your life alone. Then you'd keep roaming aimlessly, flapping, shaking, acting confused.
One thing i believe in is all human beings have, in higher or lower levels, a creative ability. Infact, coupled with our ability to use tools, our high level of creativity are one of the major characteristics that separates us from other people. 
   You shouldn't give excuses because of what you're passing through as an excuse for you to flock around with chickens. What chances of success would you give a poor woman born in backwoods Mississippi to a single teenage mother, raised in inner city Milwaukee, raped at 9 years of age, then at the age of 14 giving birth to a son who died shortly thereafter. Grim chance, we think but that great woman is a philanthropist who donates billions to families. The Oprah Winfrey show still remains the highest- rated talk show in history.
    Eagles don't fly in flock, you only find them one at a time. You should act distinct, pull yourself off the crowd. Work towards discovering yourself, pull something out of nothing. God himself made out of nothing the things that exist. Creation needs a creator and that creator is you. You can turn your rags to riches and that's only when you decide to "act" and get ready to soar higher.

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