Monday, 21 October 2013

LIGHTNING UP FAME(CHAPTER 1) posted by Kuti Olumide

The Oracle at Delphi said it clearly “know yourself”. I looked boldly back at them and said “I am Kelvin Abbey, a script writer”.
     Right there, it dawned on me. This is really who I am, no pretense, no struggling, no regret; this is what I am. Any script writer can attest, in the best and luckiest state. Its not that the words came from you but that it came through you, as my heroes sitted in front of me on the conference table smiled at me warmly. Kunle Afolayan stood next to me as I addressed the actors and actresses. He had read my mail after zillions of effort; nothing really comes easily.
    Patience is power. I forged ahead in my presentation, dissecting the script into the smallest detail, explaining each character with so much care. They nod at some major points, they smiled, and they even laughed so hard sometimes. Soon the presentation was over as Kunle walked up to me from the corner he stood, gave me tap on the back and said to the people sitted.“What do you think?” as he smiled.
They all rose from their sit and it was a clapping ovation. Honor is earned, now I understand. As I remembered the part in the holy book that said. “See a man diligent in his works; he shall stand among kings and queens…” We all strolled out of the large conference room in the Golden effect organization. Kunle pulled me back from the side of Ramsey Noah, looked deep into my eyes and said vividly “we are going to make this movie. It is lovely, it has a soul. I mean I could really or almost feel it breathe. Good work Kelvin” he then hurried up to catch up with the actors and actresses. I stood there, as mild tears rolled down my eyes.

     The next few weeks were filled with frantic arguments between me and Kunle about scenes to be omitted and opinions on some other scenes to be added to make it clearer. I was exhausted, seem like I was walking on fumes but Kunle continued, just like the terminator. Weeks later the script was ready, alongside the casting and we were off to the location for the movie.
      Come to me people and listen. Helen Keller once said “life is a daring adventure or nothing”. I do not need to be a fantasy super hero like spider man to have an adventure, although I just let go a long web, held tightly onto it, and then took that long risky swing.
Lucky enough for me I landed on my feet, right in the middle of a dream come true.

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