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Guys! This is strictly for you.
So you've just gone on a date with a girl that you recently met and the date seemed to go fairly well from your perspective. You had great conversation, she smiled a lot, and things just seemed to click. You really wanna set P and you're confused that you can't figure out if she's getting to like you or not. Ease yourself off the worries if all your answer"s YES. I got it all for you.
How can you tell after one date if she's interested in you or not? Even if she's attracted to you, she's not likely to come right out and tell you on a first date. So, how do you tell?
While this has been a perplexing challenge for generations of men with many experts weighing in with their opinions, a few reliable truths have emerged. Here are five conclusive answers to the questions to that one important question -- is she attracted to me?
1. Subtle Affection: Is She Interested when She Touches You Frequently?
This question is met with a resounding "yes" from practically anyone who has experience with women. The body language a woman uses around someone she's attracted to is one of the easiest signs to detect. Touching, in this case, doesn't refer to any overt sexual advances. It means simple, innocent touches on the arm, shoulder or back. Making an excuse to touch someone's hair or face in a friendly or playful manner is a clear sign that a woman is feeling affectionate. Needless to say, a responsive kiss at the end of a date is very promising.
2. Body Language: Is She Interested when She Plays with Her Hair?

The idea that women playing with their hair and jewelry or fondling their wine glasses indicates attraction may seem baffling to men, but these are romantic body language cues that shouldn't be overlooked. Other physical cues include frequent or prolonged eye contact, imitating the other person's posture or movements, leaning in towards the person and rarely facing the opposite direction. Genuine smiles, laughter and blushing are generally positive signs of attraction.
3. Curiosity: Is She Interested when She Asks Questions About You?
A game of 20 questions might not be the first thing on a guy's agenda for a first date, but ladies who are hunting potential mates will show genuine interest in a man's job, living situation, family, future plans, lifestyle, health and even his past relationships. This should not be confused with polite conversation to fill dead air space, nor should it be assumed that the woman is only interested in affluent mates. It's just a practical evaluation. Another possible sign that she is considering someone for a serious relationship is when she makes a point of introducing someone to her friends and family. She's seeking their opinions and approval.
4. Never Too Busy: Is She Interested if She Always Seems Available?
A woman who is truly interested will likely clear her busy schedule in a heartbeat for the chance to spend time with the object of her affection. When she returns all calls and texts promptly and starts mentioning ideas for future dates and plans, it's quite possible that she's smitten.
5. Trust and Care: Is She Interested when She Gives Me Her Address?
Some women are more hesitant to trust than others, but most are naturally caring and open when they are attracted to someone. If a woman who is normally reserved and cautious gives out personal information, there is usually a reason for it. Hopefully, it means she has invested some serious thought into the character of the one she has entrusted. Women who are interested in someone also go out of their way to be helpful, supportive and thoughtful. She will likely remember birthdays(surprise you with a gift), events and personal preferences.
Heads Up
If You've got 3 positive response to the above questions within you, them its a YES, shes also interested in you. So please, set that P before another dude overtakes you.
   Conclusively, All advice that has ever been written about women and their romantic behaviors should include two words that give potential lovers and future husbands the power of discernment: Pay attention. The woman who is interested will show it in her own special way, and it may not involve words.*thank me later*

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