Sunday, 13 October 2013


 Eeeeeeerm! Ok!  This' the first poem ever in my life and like seriously i cherish it.
Ion care if any body gets the message or not*tongue* but i hope you'd like it.
Either you like it or not, thats not the reason i posted it.
Hehe! and for any poet readin this "You shouldn't expect the abab rhymes."

Awesome dude
Even when I've always had a "no no" in dating an unseen guy
You got me distracted too easy
You stole my thoughts away
The most I've done is ask for ur love,
or to move your feet out of the way

This may seem awfully crazy
Maybe a little creepy and weird
but trust me I didn't mean to write this

Your acts drive me nuts!
Seriously, they do
Makes me wonder if you've got a steel heart
Makes me decide never to get so emotional
Even when I know you're so damn loving
I'm sure you've heard that before,
so here is something more.

Your personality seems soft, a lot like my skin
You're gentle strict and kind, I can tell its within
dont ask how, dont ask why, cause I dont even know
Am I a crazy girl? Errrr!*rme* possibly so!

Your broad chest, I'm sure only hides the real sexy man within
I may be wrong, and rightfully so
Well, if I am, please let me know!

Thoughts of meeting you
Makes me wonder if its gon b a Yes/No
But however which way
A 30minutes lasting nonstop hug would do

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