Friday, 20 June 2014

You are the Mirror.

 A thought flashed through my mind while watching a girl so engrossed in checking out herself in the mirror, "how do I look like to other people?", "what are people's thoughts about me after they glance at me?".

Fact is, we don't go a day without looking at the mirror. This' applicable to we as individuals, we meet people everyday, people see us (including those we don't even know). Our attitude, character, the way we dress already pictures “who we are” to that person. You can't be pictured without been viewed, even if someone hasn't seen or met you, a good description about you is also part of it. 

Let's just assume you'd consciously ignore using the glass mirror/hand mirror or dressing mirror, you'd unconsciously see that view of you either through the (car) side mirror, rear view mirror or a window mirror.

We seem like a mirror to people because we are being viewed daily. People want to see that change in you, some are checking out for that flaw you'd make. 

In every circumstance you face, first ask and answer this question: Who am I? That is, look deep inside yourself and discover the values you embrace at the very core of your being. Define those values personally and live by them uncompromisingly (without doing it to please anyone). They are your moral center. Your rock. Your anchor.

Secondly, ask and answer this next question: What do I do well?

From your moral center flows a functional capacity for excellence. This is the unique ability you possess that allows you to thrive. Its your personal tool box, a set of gifts and talents you can access at any time to solve pressing problems.

Furthermore, ask yourself if you're doing the right thing. Truth is, we tend to give less attention to things that ought to be of great concern to us, we take the wrong step by following the trend of others, because Shade and Cynthia is doing it,"Oh! that's the way, I'm good to go".
One thing you don't understand yet is you can't be a mirror if you're imitating someone. Imitating one leads to limitation, you're restricted to some particular aspects, you can't go beyond a particular stage you wanna move on to because the person you're imitating never did that. At times, you could even assume you're taking a risk in the means of trying to move further than whosoever you're imitating. I don't see it as risk, I see it as been you. 

These dynamics: character and competence, are the choices you can make to become a mirror person. Character, your core values, and competence, your unique ability, clearly defined and consistently deployed allows you to control the one and only thing you can control in any situation: yourself.

Nobody has the right to control you, the only personality you should give in to control you is your "mind". Whatever action that reflects itself outwardly through your personality is as a result of the general conclusion that has dwelled in your life.

A lot of us look up to our role models in terms of living a "a life like them"(in quote). They are being mirrored cos of that unique lifestyle you figured out in them. Another reason being that he laid a legacy that you want to follow.
Its not by how many bibles/ qu'rans you have or how versed you are in dealing with the scriptures offhand, its not by the weekly services or sunday services neither is it by the eye-service treatment you give others(oju-aye something).
Its by being you, acting the real you in the right way, standing firm on being you regardless of who so ever is watching you. Its by being focused on causing a change to reflect a trailblazer.

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