Friday, 20 June 2014

Awaken Your Purpose

Do you realize that you were created on purpose for a purpose? Yes, you!. And only you can carry it out in your own unique way, with your special touch.God designed you with a purpose. That is the truth. Just because you're not feeling your purpose, however, that doesn't mean its gone. It doesn't mean you never had one. You purpose may be tempered, hidden or dormant, but its still with you.

In fact, your purpose is the absolute essence of you.

But the fact that its there doesn't mean its all that easy to see. Here are a few ways we keep ourselves from seeing our purpose and what to do to wake it up:

1. You lose sight of your true purpose when wrong vision hides it. What I mean by that is that God is calling you to something BIG, but you keep looking at things that you have been taught to look at Things that have been put in front of you all your life. They are distractions. They are small. They use up a lot of your energy and your attention. Sometimes the wrong vision can come from your family and friends and what they are doingor from trying to live the life that other people live or make you think youre supposed to live.  To awaken your purpose, you must stop looking at what seems good and start sensing what God is leading you to do.

2. You keep looking for purpose in all the wrong places. Purpose is not something that you find; it is something that you awaken. It is something that you bring forth that has always been there. Sometime you can't find it or see it because you are looking outside yourself for what has always been within you. If you've had the experience of buying yet another brand-new self-help book that was going to be your salvation, you've looked for purpose outside yourself.

In Jeremiah 1:5, one of my favorite scriptures, God says, Before I formed you in your mothers womb, I knew you. I find the very idea that God would form and fashion and design me both comforting and energizing at the same time.

God had an intentional design for you. He intended something to come forth. There was always an intent associated with your birth. He goes on to say: I intended something very special for you. And, I made you a prophet to the nations. God's plans are that is embedded in your DNA and your voice. That's how important you are. To awaken your purpose, you must ask God who He has always intended for you to become, not just asking him to bless your plans.

3. You discount the importance of your purpose. Sometimes, you dont want to find your purpose because some part of you just doesnt want to. Maybe you think life will get too hard. Youll have to step up your game, be someone else, or lose freedom or downtime or your comfy old lifestyle.

If this sounds like you, know that your purpose is the very thing that God is asking to be awakened. Whether you get busy or distracted or just get very good at ignoring God when He tries to speak to us, we really need to remember how vital this is.

So how do you awaken your purpose?

One of the simplest and most effective way is simply to listen. Carve out time to listen to Gods message for you. Pray with a surrendered heart and ask to be shown what you need to know and who will walk with you on your path. Keep your purposes awakening in the front of your mind and heart. Remember the incredible power of intention and expectation.  Expect Heaven to speak. Be open to the signs, nudges, and confirmations.

 Culled from Mashawn Evans blog

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