Thursday, 5 June 2014


Lemon juice does more than give us a cooling, refreshing and uplifting drink. Lemon is rich in fruit acids and its all natural beautifying properties have been relied upon by many throughout the ages.Lemon juice clears the skin, reduces acne, softens wrinkles, removes age spots, blemishes, scars and cleanses excess oils. Personally, I've tried it out on me and it worked great on my skin.I can attest to the wonders of lemon.
Brown spots can appear on the skin in any area and can be the result of aging, sun damage, an impaired liver or a nutritional deficiency.
Brown spots can also appear in the form of streaks or blotches after using a sunless tanning cream that was not applied evenly. Lemon juice has acidic properties that can lighten the skin and peel the first layer of skin away over time.
The juice is less expensive than creams or skin treatments, and it can be purchased in a grocery store or squeezed from a lemon. let's go natural girl. 

Step 1
Pour some lemon juice into a bowl. You can use bottled lemon juice or squeeze it fresh from a lemon. To use fresh lemon juice, cut a lemon into wedges and use your fingers to squeeze the juice into the bowl. For larger amounts, cut a lemon in half and twist each half onto a juicer, collecting the juice in a bowl.

Step 2
Use a cotton ball or cotton swab to apply fresh lemon juice to the brown spots twice a day.

Step 3
Allow the lemon juice to dry and then rinse it away. Be sure to do this before going outdoors, because your skin will be more sensitive to the sun while the lemon juice is still wet and it could cause sunburn. Lean to always use sunscreen and avoid unnecessary time in the sun..

Step 4
Repeat daily until the spots are gone. The gradual process can take a few months as the acidic juice fades the brown spots.

-Wear sunscreen, hats and protective clothing to
prevent future brown
spots that occur from sun damage.
-Lemon juice can also be used to strengthen nails, lighten hair, treat dandruff and freshen breath.
  You may need to lighten entire areas of skin if you have a darker skin tone. Using lemon juice to fade brown spots works best on light skin tones and can cause splotches on dark skin.

*Lemon or lemon juice
*Juicer or sieve

*Cotton ball 

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