Thursday, 5 June 2014

101 ways to get and keep his Attention (1)

From the title on my earlier post (the thing about men), I'm sure y'all should know we're talking about(focused on) men,men,men!!! Everything that needs to be known about the "M" factor.
There are key things we must examine about the whole man. Men are three-dimensional beings. They are living entities(just like us) that have a spirit that resides in a body.  Also, there are 3 levels in them that we must appeal to - Physical, Emotional and Spiritual(P.E.S). Beyond this, they have 5 senses that involve how they respond - to sight, sound, smell, taste and touch.
To keep that man's interest, you must involve all levels(P.E.S) of his being as well as all of his senses.
Truth is one thing that catches a guy's attention is your physical realm, men view us quite differently. The lips, legs, eyes(its a varied list depending on who's looking your way). Now we're on to the 101 things that keeps a man.

1)      Eyes: the power of the eyes (in terms of body language) can do wonders. Let's just rewind to moments when our moms(particularly yoruba moms) give their kids that stern look, that look alone passes a message across to us even without the use of verbal language. Now back to the matter, the gospel truth is God created women to attract men#fact#. The effect a woman's eye can have on a man is either to arrest him, captivate him, invite or deter his approach. No wonder the Tuface said "when I look into your eyes I see the fire in there". Nigga saw the fire of love. LOL.
 As for me, my eyes are soft and gentle like that of a dove that beckons my man to come closer, iono the message your eyes passes across, are they filled with the pains of your past relationship?
Are they filled with doubts? Are they filled with mistrust? Check those eyes out.

2) Lips: lips come in all sizes and shapes(thin, wide, voluptuous, pouty, streamlined et al). You can tell if someone is angry by either looking into their eyes or observing the set of their lips. The way it looks stiff or turned downward is one way to know this person is in a bad mood. Irrespective of the brand of lipstick you've used ranging from MAC, Tara, MarkKay et al, that colour can't conceal the way you feel.
Are your lips soft, inviting pleasant conversation or do they threaten a rebuke?

3) A welcoming smile: it'd be so cool if we learn to deal with those grim lips that hides the beautiful inner you. Deal with whatever shii that's inside you and set the outside free. A smile can do more than words, who knows if that smile from you could make that niggas head spin without control. Fact is what makes a woman approachable is her smile, an expressionless look (from you) would scare them away.
If you're always dressed up, looking good, and still wondering why the world is passing you by? My dear, get happy and smile.

4) Beautiful teeth: personally, I love gap tooth, to me they seem charming (but that's not the key thing). Gleaming white teeth are desirable, health is not enough. What does it profit you to have a fabulous teeth but no one sees them? Bad teeth can be a deal breaker, infact, terrible breath is just enough to scare the guy away.

5) Complexion: we come in many shades that are appealing to various men. Fair, dark, ruddy, pale (whatever), do not despise what someone else might celebrate. If you're dark, please maintain that colour, you can't fit into the fair girls clique, so enjoy that complexion of yours. Babes that tone their skin color and end up with dark knuckles(please stopiiiiiiiit). Appreciate your complexion.

6) Beautiful skin: Personally, I've tried out two practicals(via google) with my skin (mostly when I know I won't be outta the house for a week because of the skin reaction). I've used honey and lemon and I realized those natural things(without the mixture of chemicals) makes your skin turn out great. I keep testifying to the wonders of lemon, that's more or less a skin toner, clears off blemishes, spots. You don't wanna know the wonders of Lemon.
Now it doesn't matter what shade your color is. Care for it tenderly and allow its finer properties to shine through. You never know who's looking at you. Save the huge amount you waste on mixing creams and try out the natural skin care(honey, lemon, shea butter, cucumber e.t.c).

7) Hair: men love it. They always wanna touch it.(big ups to my man).   What's more important here is keeping an healthy hair, learn to wear your hair well.
8) Hands: men pay attention to little things. They could be fondling your hands but trust me, their eyes are on it. Strong, sensitive hands are appealing in their books. Learn to keep your nails neat. This speaks of the little time and attention you pay to yourself. Just recently, I met a friend, while chatting with him,  he noticed my nails if I used henna(lali) on it, of which he said he likes it. Funny enough, the henna's fading away, those little things we ignore are what the dudes appreciate, we should learn to take care of it.

9) Arms: learn to release your arms for hugs or to embrace others(not strangers). If you're in a relationship, reach out to your man, you really don't know the wonders of hugs. Not untill you realize the wonders, you'd learn to always doll out hugs to the man.

10) Neck: It can reflect defiance, submission, pride or humility. The neck can say a lot. Its tenderness is particularly tender to a man. 

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